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When you go away, normally how many pairs of shoes do you take?

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Bleh Fri 02-Oct-09 16:19:14

I'm going away for two days, and have just realised I'm taking three pairs of shoes. Is this a bit ridiculous? (pair of heels, pair of converse, pair of ballet pump typey things).

NancyBotwin Fri 02-Oct-09 16:25:02

Well it depends what you are doing when you are away... I sometimes make do with one pair (esp in winter when I wear boots) but usually that only works if I know I won't be going out in the evening (or nowhere that warrants dressing up).

I'm going away for one night soon and foresee at least two pairs being required...

twopeople Fri 02-Oct-09 16:35:05

Message withdrawn

hannahsaunt Fri 02-Oct-09 16:43:24

Never as many as dh.

overmydeadbody Fri 02-Oct-09 16:47:50

Depends where I'm going and what I'm doing.

Depends on the weather.

Depends if I am camping and hiking and climbing or lazing by a pool in the mediteranian.

Do climbing shoes count? Because immediately there's two pairs of shoes that have to be packed.

Bleh three pairs of the type you've described sounds entirely sensible to me. Presumably you will wear one pair, so it's only two extra pairs you're taking.

tulpe Fri 02-Oct-09 16:51:25

sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Presumably you have worked out which pair you need for each outfit you will be wearing and therefore each pair are necessary

Sazisi Fri 02-Oct-09 19:42:10

Sounds about right to me; you might like to include a nice pair of boots, too wink

Bleh Mon 05-Oct-09 09:12:19

Thanks. I thought it was right, though I ended up only wearing two of the pairs (didn't wear the heels, because none of the other girls on the weekend were, and I was worried that I would tower over everyone).

Could have used boots though. It was FREEZING.

Sazisi Mon 05-Oct-09 11:18:46

Told you so

cruelladepoppins Tue 06-Oct-09 12:19:54

I go most places on bus/ train and often have DSs' luggage to carry as well as my own, so usually the shoes I am wearing are the only ones I take! Going on hol for a week to Italy very soon and 2 pairs of shoes will be the height of luxury ...

Had sore feet on recent weekend break as my "sensible" (well, for a girl) boots were not up to city walking 6 hrs a day ... owee wowee ...

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