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Where to get a cropped cardigan (not black)?

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pleasechange Fri 02-Oct-09 14:47:07

Yes I know they have lovely colours in cashmere at Boden, but have spent so much that I can't justify the £££ on one of these

I thought New Look may have something but alas no. Any ideas please?

pleasechange Fri 02-Oct-09 14:49:59

should add - needs to have either long or 3/4 length sleeves, or I will freeze

BaronessBarbaraKingstanding Fri 02-Oct-09 14:52:56

I have some from Dotty P, Principles and MandS, New Look. I buy them whenever i see them, always on the hunt.

All slightly different, but based on the theme of short crew neck cardi.

I have one in every colour known to man

KristinaM Fri 02-Oct-09 14:57:36

h and m had them for a tenner in the summer

pleasechange Fri 02-Oct-09 14:58:43

that sounds like just what I need - one in every colour!

just saw one at £23 on laredoute that comes in various colours. The aubergine might be nice, but no picture. Was hoping for more of a bargain though, and ebay has nothing I'm after

promod has a midnight blue one at a bargainous £12 but too dark for what I'm after

pleasechange Fri 02-Oct-09 15:02:21

will have a look in h&m this weekend to see if they've got any in, thanks

cremolafoam Fri 02-Oct-09 15:10:56

Matalan have some, as do Dotty P.
nice colours too

pleasechange Fri 02-Oct-09 15:17:42

great, am off to matalan soon then as well

whooosh Fri 02-Oct-09 15:20:14

Primarni had some today.....

chattermouse Fri 02-Oct-09 20:25:17

Allnew, you are my hero! I went shopping for some today hoping to get bargains and failed to find anything at all None in warehouse, oasis, jane norman, sainsburys etc. Will try the shops mentioned above now, thanks!

pleasechange Fri 02-Oct-09 20:33:19

haha chattermouse, sometimes I think you and I are shopping twins. I am really swooning over the damson boden one tbh

Have you bought anything else recently? I'm after a purple coat this weekend. Wore my biker jacket and my mol boots today and love them

chattermouse Fri 02-Oct-09 21:42:10

We do seem to share shopping interests i agree! I love a cropped cardi, it shows off my thinest bit - i.e. the ribs under my boobs! Makes me look leaner overall i think. I really hoped to find some today. I would have been happy with purple, brown, navy, hot pink or black. IKWYM re the boden ones, they are gorgeous but just too expensive. I don't require cashmere, so no point paying that price. I want cheaper cardis so i can get several for the price of 1 boden one! The key for me is it has to be really fitted. I have got lush ones from warehouse in the past but none in stock this season.

Could you link to the laredoute one please? Just cheked matalan and Dorothy p online and nothing similar to boden one as far as i could see.

Glad you are happy with your boden jacket. How is your cloudspotter doing? I bought the merino tunic in ink and pink and a fun skirt in black (with coloured circles). Tunic is lovely (though short!)as a dress and i now love the skirt. It came yesterday and at first i was not sure re shape of it though loved pattern. I decided i liked it though this morning and so wore it today. Got several compliments on it so think i was right to keep it grin. God i love Boden! If only those cropped cardis were cheaper i would have one in every colour.....

BTW, further evidence of our twin like status. I got some fly mols too! I got the £40 bargain ones at office in black. The darling mnetter Stillfrazzled started a thread on it so i have her to thank. What colour did you get? They are gorgeous aren't they? Good job i got them cheap given that i am currently throwing all my money at uncle johnnie......

Good luck e the purple coat hunt. I have seen lots of electric blue ones but not noticed purple so far. At this rate you will have a new coat for each day of the week grin!

pleasechange Fri 02-Oct-09 22:13:56

Here's the la redoute one, and the other one I mentioned:

la redoute


I do like the boden tunics as well. I got a grey merino one in the summer collection and it's so useful for putting over jeans (hadn't though of trying it with tights and boots in winter but will have a go). Really good quality too

I like the hoop skirt you got. I was reading a thread about it. Seems you got it before it went out of stock. I'm still waiting for the heart-warming henley, so hopefully it's worth the wait. I liked all the other things I'd ordered. I think I'm getting to know now which boden things will suit me and which won't. On the whole I have much better luck with tops than dresses, and am too short for trousers (maybe that's a good thing!)

It's also lucky that I don't like anything from the winter preview stuff so far (although have ordered a couple of things for DS)

Lucky you getting the £40 mols! I got the brown, off amazon. It's so not me to wear flats but I love them. It's good to wear something quite out of my comfort zone. I also had a chance to wear my cloudspotter mac again today with them - first time since the week I bought it!

chattermouse Fri 02-Oct-09 22:49:05

The promod one looks great. The fit looks perfect and great price too. Will defo consider that. It is not looking good for the high street though, i just checkeed lots of websites and nothing much at all really. Will keep looking!

I didn't want any of the winter preview stuff either, thank god! I was grateful for that! It was all pretty bland i thought. Kids stuff was great though. DD's have their eyes on a few things, What did you get ds? Because i had not shopped at Boden before this season i do not really have previous seasons to compare this ones stuff too. I just love so much of the autumn stuff this year. In your opinion is the autumn stuff really good as compared to previous collections? I keep thinking i must buy it all quick in case they only have bland stuff next season! the winter stuff did nothing to ease my concerns....

The tunics look great as dresses, with tights and boots or ballet flats. give yours a go!

i was really lucky re the hoop skirt. It was out of stock in a 10 regular - then i looked a few days ago and it suddenly said low stock. someone must have returned one. Well, i nearly did myself an injury i moved so fast to grab my credit card! It is lovely and really shows off your waist before it then flares out at hups. looks great with lots of colour tops and cardi too. Would recommend it even if you have to wait for them to come back into stock.

re the heartwarming henely, I actually have just got one! i forgot to put it on previous post as typed so much. i got it in an 8 in grape colour. again it just suddenly came back in on low stock so must have been a return i think. It came with the hoop skirt and looks ace with it. I was worried it would not fit as all the reviews said it was tiny and to size up. I like tops tight and fitted though so it is perfect. No need to size up in my opinion. It looks great over my azure blue favourite crew neck top. matches perfectly. looks great with hoop skirt too. Reckon you will love it, what colour did you order? Probaby the grape was my least favourite but it was the only one available. Am really pleased with it now though and glad i got that colour.

The fly mols are great, on the last buckle notch they are skin tight on my scrawny calves! first time i have ever had boots that did not gape at the top.

Am off to bed now and won't be on computer tomorrow (busy family day!)but was good to catch up! Will check thread at later point!

pleasechange Sat 03-Oct-09 15:23:17

I also haven't really bought my boden before this year so I'm not sure how it compares to previous years. I have noticed though how quickly the kids stuff goes out of stock so I've done my ordering early. DS has lots of colourful tops now, 2 coats and some really cute tartan baggies and camouflage trousers. Can't believe I just paid £36 for a toddler's coat, and that was with 15% discount!

Re. the henley, I've ordered the grey. I ended up ordering 10 and 12 because of the comments on the site, but I imagine I'll be sticking with the smaller one (and so someone lucky will get the 12 when I return it!)

I'm the same, I have trouble with boots being too loose on my calves normally, but the mols are great

Hope you're having a nice family day!

pleasechange Mon 05-Oct-09 07:26:37

thanks to cremolafoam - I have now bought a lovely teal cropped cardigan from matalan grin. They also have light grey, for anyone who's interested

chattermouse Mon 05-Oct-09 11:34:16

Had a great family day thanks! Your Ds stuff sounds fab. I love the baggies. I got my baby dd some, they are really comfy and warm. Bet your ds looks really smart everywhere he goes, sounds like he has a boden wardrobe at his disposal! My favourite boy top is the applique one with the roaring bear. If i had a boy i would have bought one by now!

I wore the henley all weekend with the fun skirt and really pleased with them. if you got both sizes i am sure one of them will be perfect. I liked the grey colour best, it is really eyecatching. You mark my words though, you will soon be needing an orange or azure crew top to match with it....grin. I could fit a crew under the size 8 fine so think you if you like fitted tops the 10 will be great on you even with a layer under.

I will be checking out matalan re the cardi soon. Hopefully it will stop me thinking about the extortionate boden ones....

chattermouse Tue 06-Oct-09 20:55:31

Am excited! Just noticed the heartwarming henley is back available to order in grey, size 8. Of course I have ordered it grin. There is a 7 week wait but nevermind. I already have the orange round neck crew to go under it ( the combination that the boden model wears wink)so am well set up and good to go as soon as it arrives. I love my grape one so much. Am struggling not to reach for it every day, tis so cosy. It is super warm over my azure crew neck. Am just hoping now that the brown one becomes available to order again in an 8. It is the perfect fit for a winter jumper (i.e. attractive and fitted as opposed to clumpy and frumpy). I will defo snap up the brown if i get the chance.

pleasechange Wed 07-Oct-09 08:10:10

haha, well spotted. I'm finding that I'm wearing my scoop tops a lot for the same reason, lovely & cosy and go with lots of stuff. btw, I'm on the brink of ordering another striped henley (can't remember what they're called) and a crew top (you've been talking about them so much that I'm convinced I need one blush). Trouble is, I also now fancy a tank (although I'm sure I can wait til the sale!)

chattermouse Wed 07-Oct-09 09:31:05

The scoop tops look really nice, good that they are warm too. The crew tops are tres useful. They are long in the body too so great for layering as they poke out the bottom of outter layer giving a flash of colour. I am wearing a crew today with a fun tank top over it! Further evidence of our twinning i think! The tanks are very cosy and lovely colours (i got 2). But i would say that they are a little loose fitting. i got the 8 and it is not very tight on me. At first i was not sure about it as i was expecting it to be quite thin, fine wool and quite tight . But in fact i like that it is a slightly forgiving cut and the wool is thick too so it is lovely and cosy. It covers and disguises that little roll of mum tum i have when i sit down quite beautifully.... Defo go size 10 not 12. Maybe even 8 if you want it tighter?

I quite fancy another crew. maybe the purple. But then it is better value to buy 2 and get the £10 off (it is 2 for £24 or 1 for £17). I think you will like them cos they are very stretchy so will show off you boobs and waist well. Again go 10 not 12 as they will defo stretch to fit.

Am off to a baby group now, hav a good day!

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