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15 yr old sister wants a 'leather jacket' I'm looking for her Birthday

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Disenchanted3 Thu 01-Oct-09 10:03:56

any suggestions.

Being 15 I'm not sure shes talking about real leather, but more the leathe rlook?

She says she wants one like 'Pixie Lott'

So that helps hmm

what do you think of this immitation one?

or anyone know where there a bargain real one?

Her birthdays very close to Christmas so she wouldn't mind it being a combined pressie if it were a nice one

ButtercupWafflehead Thu 01-Oct-09 10:07:31

Lots in New Look/DP/Miss Selfridge.

I quite like this one here (or I would if I was 15 hmm)

Disenchanted3 Thu 01-Oct-09 10:07:37

PS needs to be available in a 6 or 8

ButtercupWafflehead Thu 01-Oct-09 10:08:50

...although it's a big buy so perhaps let her choose? Or buy closer to her bday so she can return it if it's not right.

Disenchanted3 Thu 01-Oct-09 10:13:38

But then its not a surprise <<old fashioned present buyer>>

Thats nice Butter

castille Thu 01-Oct-09 10:16:30

I got one for DD in H&M kids range (goes up to age 13-14 so will fit a small 15yo) for about £40.

It's a neat little jacket without too many added bits - buckles and the like that she didn't want. It's not in the slightest bit warm (not that this is a consideration at their age...) but she loves itsmile

Disenchanted3 Thu 01-Oct-09 10:20:25

oooh what about this one??

Disenchanted3 Thu 01-Oct-09 10:21:56

awww its out of stock in 6 or 8 that was perfect too

Polgara2 Thu 01-Oct-09 10:23:23

Have absolutely no idea what Pixie Lott wears (or indeed who she is!) <old gimmer emoticon> but would also suggest New Look or Jane Norman have (very) small sizes.

princessmel Thu 01-Oct-09 10:28:52

I'd find a picture of Pixie Lott first and see what sort of style the jacket was

Disenchanted3 Thu 01-Oct-09 10:34:17

I've looed but can't seem to find her wearing a jacket, she said it was in a video.

princessmel Thu 01-Oct-09 10:35:12

I just googled too and didn't find one.

have you tried her videos on U tube?

ButtercupWafflehead Thu 01-Oct-09 12:22:13

this one maybe?

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