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Do you think I am too old for Joe Browns?

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PestoLovelyMonster Wed 30-Sep-09 12:25:04

Just got their catalogue in today's post and am a bit tempted by some of their stuff.

However, I was 46 a couple of weeks ago. Do you think I would be lamb dressed as mutton?

notjustapuppymum Wed 30-Sep-09 15:57:00

I think their clothing is really more suited to younger people but why not order what you like and see? You can always return it!

PestoLovelyMonster Thu 01-Oct-09 07:49:37

Thank you Notjustapuppymum. I suspect I am a tad too old for it, but might do as you said, and try & see smile

Tortington Thu 01-Oct-09 08:10:43

yes but pesto my lovley, you don't look 46. at all. i have ordered this a couple of days ago

Hassled Thu 01-Oct-09 08:14:07

Pesto - I have the same problem with Joe Brown - I like quite a lot of the stuff but think possibly I like how it would have looked on me in my twenties. And I'm 43.

PestoLovelyMonster Thu 01-Oct-09 09:32:51

Thank you Cutlasscusty, will maybe put an order in then, and hope for the best!

Blackduck Thu 01-Oct-09 09:46:47

I like some of their stuff too and I am, well, older....I think as long as you don't do the whole look IYKWIM you can get away with it.....

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