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Are Mongolian wool cushions over?

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smugmumofboys Tue 29-Sep-09 10:31:54

I spotted some in Next but haven't seen them anywhere else. So, if they are over, which cushions should I get to go with a bright red cord sofa (ikea - it's all I could afford).

DoingTheBestICan Tue 29-Sep-09 11:12:03

What about some felt ones? Could you not buy some felt & design/make your own?

TheBalladofGayTony Tue 29-Sep-09 11:15:37

can cushions be over? do your friends snigger at your soft furnishing from last season?

i have never heard of mongolian wool cushions and am off to google

dexter73 Tue 29-Sep-09 11:17:32

I love them but so does my cat! She likes to suckle them - yuck!

TheBalladofGayTony Tue 29-Sep-09 11:27:01

my cat suckles my dressing gown - boak.

smugmumofboys Tue 29-Sep-09 19:54:28

Yay! Replies. I don't know if cushions can be over - it's just that they are kinda in yer face in a mahoosively fluffy way and might date.

And Doing... - are you my mum? She's always suggesting that I could just rustle up some curtains, rugs etc. I have no time! (Missing my SAHM days full of crafting and needlework. hmm)

CybilLiberty Tue 29-Sep-09 19:56:32

Those big floofy ones have always made me feel a bit'blurgh' but I'm not sure why.I always imagine picking bits of the fluff off my tongue. What is the rest of your living room like?

smugmumofboys Tue 29-Sep-09 19:56:34

BTW - it's odd that your posts have only just showed up. I was checking the thread obsessively occasionally this pm and there were none. Odd.

smugmumofboys Tue 29-Sep-09 19:59:08

The rest of my living room has a cream, red and taupe-y thing going on. It's not a huge room and has low ceilings.(Hideous new build - weep). So I've tried to stick to no more than 3 colours.

WhereYouLeftIt Tue 29-Sep-09 19:59:16

I hope they're not over - does anyone know where I could find navy blue ones?

smugmumofboys Tue 29-Sep-09 20:00:13

My next house will be a ginormous Georgian rectory, natch. grin

TheBalladofGayTony Tue 29-Sep-09 20:01:14

no they are over, i have decided. the cat suckline and potential hair in mouth combo has rendered them repellent

smugmumofboys Tue 29-Sep-09 20:02:23

I don't think they had navy in Next. I was thinking of getting the cream ones but fear they may be too pale.

There is also the cat issue.

And gooey small boys who seem to deposit gunk everywhere.

smugmumofboys Tue 29-Sep-09 20:03:17

grin gaytony

bebesequin Tue 29-Sep-09 20:06:24

The Next ones aren't real on the reverse they are soft fake fur fabric whereas the real ones are more of a sheepskin type on the reverse- which means they are nicer more expensive looing but impossible to clean- I have a couple of both types-the Next ones a bit of a disappointment-TKmaxx usually have the real ones for about 20 pounds
God is this what I come to discussing the merits of cushionswink

smugmumofboys Tue 29-Sep-09 20:14:29

Thanks bebesequin. I know, it comes to us all grin.

The thing is, the nearest TKmaxx is the wrong side of Chester and I can order from Next from my living-room and things appear on my doorstep the next day!
I just can't be arsed to drive to almost Wales for cushions. <lazy>

bebesequin Tue 29-Sep-09 20:14:59

Oh and my cat doesn't bother with them though he does try to shag make love to any of my leather bags left around . DCS dont like them as they obscure the tv and DH thinks they are a good burglar deterrent as from the road it looks as two people with afros are sitting on the sofa!!

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