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estee lauder...

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puddinmama Sun 27-Sep-09 22:55:42


am a big fan of style and beauty, just too shy to have ever posted here, anyways here we go first beauty dilemma, ok i have millions but lets pretend this is the first

i bought today, idealist micro dermabrasion from estee lauder, it set me bac £34, and when i bought it i specifically asked the assistant will it draw out the black heads from my nose, my skin is perfect but i have always had these blackheads and they drive me mad, but anyways she assured me that this is exactly what it will do, as it performs a mini glycolic peel and infact if i went to a salon for a facial these kind of treatments are what I would be paying for. So anyways i bought it, tried it, and my bloody blackheads are still there, so what I want to know is, can i get a refund, has anyone ever returned a used beauty product, or will i look thick even attempting it.

i bought it from debenhams if that helps



cleaningsucks Sun 27-Sep-09 23:35:22

no idea, but i imagine you'd do better emailing estee lauder direct and seeing what they say.

btw - those nose strips do get rid of black heads. only think i've ever found.

Ronaldinhio Sun 27-Sep-09 23:54:40

if it doesn't do what they said it would take it back and calmly tell them your story and that you expect a refund
they'll give you one after first trying to sell you more tripe
they don't really care as it isn't their money after all

blackheads are caused by oil reacting with the air so something to reduce the oil production is needed.
I found eve lom and the hot/cold flannel thing worked really well and after a while i could see a difference

cornsilk Mon 28-Sep-09 00:09:33

I've returned stuff to estee lauder as it made my skin peel off. Take it back as you were misinformed. I love eve lom as well Ronaldinho.

puddinmama Mon 28-Sep-09 01:12:06


Thanks for that, gonna take it back tomorrow, I wouldnt bother if it wasnt for being told that, it would take the black heads out, can i just ask what is eve lom, maybe will google it and see


cornsilk Mon 28-Sep-09 06:50:30

eve lom is a brand and do an amazing cleanser. Space NK sell it.

Ronaldinhio Mon 28-Sep-09 17:57:15

sparkly clean skinned mwah cornsilk

cornsilk Mon 28-Sep-09 17:58:42

mwah back Ron grin
I am just coveting it at the moment unfortunately.

puddinmama Tue 29-Sep-09 12:00:19

hi all

well got my money back, but assistant was very cheeky, and said to me 'did you expect it to wor first time? your suppose to use it a few times over the next few weeks and then you will see results'

ok reasonable enough but not what i had asked for, so i said no i would like a refund please so she stomped yes stomped over to cash till huffing and puffing seriously to reimburse me and then starts goin on about my free gift and how i should have brought it back as it was with 2 products, (i had already used it and just didnt think in all honesty), so i said well what do u want me to do about the fact that ur product didnt work, so she just gave me my money back lol

i mean i didnt realise about the gift but i had also shelled out 30 quid on a foundation, methinks am entitled to thier bloody free gift, 2 weeks ago spent 35 quid on my idealist serum, which by the way am looking for a replacement for as i will not be giving them any more of my money, i see clarins has a new one out

thanks everyone

i did giggle in the car all the way home at the picture of the assistants face dunno why

cornsilk Fri 02-Oct-09 21:54:35

Good work!

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