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Is there anything that does the same job as Beauty Flash Balm...

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TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Sun 27-Sep-09 21:57:51

... but isn't so £££?

Or anywhere online that sells BFB at a speactularly knock down price? <optimistic>

Thanks smile

TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Sun 27-Sep-09 21:58:57

speactularly? hmm


CybilLiberty Sun 27-Sep-09 21:59:47

I think Superdrug do a copy version for a couple of quid

cocolepew Sun 27-Sep-09 22:01:17

Superdrug did a good one. I'll go and look.

cocolepew Sun 27-Sep-09 22:02:17

oh x-post here if it's not this it's definately in their own Natural High range

janeite Sun 27-Sep-09 22:02:21

I haven't used BFB but have used the Superdrug one. It is quite sticky and not v good, although not bad used as a face mask.

cocolepew Sun 27-Sep-09 22:04:33

Avon does pretty good stuff, they show the product that they are copying emulating.

MrsBadger Sun 27-Sep-09 22:06:16

or the Body Shop Vitamin C cream - can;t remmeber which one exactly but comes in a teeny tube not a big jar

or if you have dryish skin then Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter does a decent overnight plumping job for occasional use.

TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Sun 27-Sep-09 22:07:42

£1.95 shock

Surely it's must be pants though?

What's Garnier Ultralift like (on the same page as coco's link

TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Sun 27-Sep-09 22:08:48

Oh yes, I have the bottom butter!
Bit greasy for me (already a natural greaseball)

cocolepew Sun 27-Sep-09 22:08:51

There's one in Avon but it's £24, then the cheaper one is about £3.

TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Sun 27-Sep-09 22:10:01

Gosh, never though about Avon.

Do they still have Avon ladies?

cocolepew Sun 27-Sep-09 22:18:22

I get it through work or online. You can get some good bargins in it. A few mumsnetters are Avon ladies!

cleaningsucks Sun 27-Sep-09 22:19:50

grind up some asprin and mix them with some moisturiser and use as a mask once a week, then you wont need bfb.

TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Sun 27-Sep-09 23:15:51

Aspirin? How come?

(thanks for link coco)

cleaningsucks Sun 27-Sep-09 23:41:25

Something about the salycylic acid - does all the brightening malarkey - here

MrsMerryHenry Sun 27-Sep-09 23:43:48

err, what does BFB actually do apart from feel nice for 8 seconds? Isn't it just, like all expensive cosmetics, an utter rip-off?

TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Mon 28-Sep-09 14:47:29

Brightens & tightens MrsMH

Or maybe I'm just a sucker grin

GrapefruitMoon Mon 28-Sep-09 14:55:40

Boots used to do a great version in the Botanics range but couldn't find it the last couple of times I went in so it may have been discontinued...

LibrasBiscuitsOfFortune Mon 28-Sep-09 19:29:43

Exactly the same as BFB at 1/3 of the cost

TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Mon 28-Sep-09 22:49:14

Ooh, now that looks good, Libra.

cleaningsucks - have you tried the aspirin thing? Can you vouch for it?

cleaningsucks Tue 29-Sep-09 07:35:41

i do it weekly! honestly -its amazing.

TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Tue 29-Sep-09 23:55:46


I have just done it

Crushed 5 aspirin in a pestle and motar with some cheapy moisturiser, left it on for about 10 minutes

And you're damn right! It is fantastic grin

I've got nice skin shock

Wow. Thanks!

mamayaya Wed 30-Sep-09 08:53:49

Really??? Aspirin???? Am going to dig some out and try it.

cleaningsucks Wed 30-Sep-09 15:48:42

hooray! congratulations. welcome to the joys of 16p facials!

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