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okay- talk to me about your experiences of teeth whitening...

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purplepeony Sun 27-Sep-09 18:42:38

took the plunge after my earlier posts and paid a fortune for custom fit moulds/trays from my dentist and bleach to do it at home.

Started this week and have used it about 4-5 times for an hour or so each time. She said leave anything from 1 hour to overnight, but that most of the bleaching happens in the first hour.

I have to go back in a week and see the results re. shade cards.

I can see practically no difference so far, adn only have enough gel bleach for 1 more application.

Anyone got any experiences to relate like this? I can see the molars at the bottom are whiter where the bleach hits the top, but my front upper and lower teeth only look very slightly whiter.

I can't leave the trays in overnight as they just feel weird!

BooBooChicken Sun 27-Sep-09 18:54:06

ooh, i want to have laser whitening but can't justify the expense so will watch this thread with interest...

geordieminx Sun 27-Sep-09 19:08:21

I bought the crest whitening strips off ebay for £25 and was really pleased with the results.

If you arent happy speak to your dentist, and dont be fobbed off.

MegSophandEmma Sun 27-Sep-09 19:14:00

I second the crest whitening strips. They really do work, within a couple of days you can notice a difference (nothing major). Within a couple of weeks your teeth will be bright white.

lilacclaire Sun 27-Sep-09 19:19:14

I have the stuff off the dentist as well, is it 10% peroxide you have? I use mine overnight, you do get used to it, I had great results and now only top up once a fortnight or so and buy the gel off ebay.
If your not suffering from any tooth sensitivity, I would say get the 15% gel and use overnight.

SueW Sun 27-Sep-09 19:20:55

I've been using polanight from my dentist (and looking at their website, I'm shock at how much the dentist charges!

I used it for 4 nights but have stopped for a break because my teeth were feeling a bit sensitive. I think they sent me 10 syringes of bleach, and one syringe lasts me more than one application. I use the trays overnight.

I can see a big difference already.

I only put the bleach into the trays in the spaces for the front 6 top and bottom teeth btw, not the molar section.

I've previously used white light which I bought in the US. It took longer to see a difference.

I remember from being a child that my teeth were never as white as everyone else's but the years of tea, coffee and red wine have taken their toll on them even more. I know I'll never achieve a perfect white smile but they are lighter.


lilacclaire Sun 27-Sep-09 19:23:09

Its polanight Im using just now as well at 15%, I got 10 syringes off ebay for £50.
I only do the top 4 (sensitive here too) if im honest, but its really good.

CybilLiberty Sun 27-Sep-09 19:24:03

Crest strips are very good if kept on for long enough. i need to redo mine actually

purplepeony Sun 27-Sep-09 19:25:26

Thanks all. It's too late for Crest or anything else- I have spent £440 on this lot of tricks! That includes 3-4 appts with the dentist , moulds and trays, one syringe of desensitiser if needed, and bleach.

I have no idea what % the bleach is.

I got 3 syringes with the trays and each syringe lasts 1.5 applications, roughly.

Suew- like you, I have decided to use the last syringe sparingly and use it only for the front 8 teeth and bottom 6.

I go back to see her in a week and will ask for more bleach- not sure how much it costs.

I am sure I can't wear them at night so will have to persevere during the day.

SueW Mon 28-Sep-09 08:33:02

It was the hygienist who told me just to use a spot in each tooth position in the tray and only to do it for visible/front teeth.

I'm lightening mine because I have to have somere-constructive work doing and want to get everything matched nicely when I'm having to spend so much money on having my front teeth mended (fell over whilst carrying something and didn't manage to get my hands out in time to stop me)

purplepeony Mon 28-Sep-09 09:22:15

I have been using just a spot but have been doing all of them- will focus on front ones now.

My teeth have alwsy been creamy and as I don't drink tea, coffee or wine, I think it's old age that has made them more cream (yellow.)

MissWooWoo Mon 28-Sep-09 10:30:17

I too spent a fortune at the dentist having custom made trays etc. After 2 weeks of wearing the trays for 4-5 hours a day (sometimes overnight)using about half a syringe of peroxide 10% I was very disappointed with the results, could hardly see a difference. My teeth have never been great but even so! At my follow up appointment I told the dentist how disappointed I was and he told me that some people's teeth just take longer but also upped the peroxide to 15%. I had a 4 day break and restarted as before. What a difference! After a few days I could definately see a change - it really helped that one of my front teeth is a cap so I could compare the colour with that (I've since had that replaced to match rest of teeth). I carried this on for a couple of weeks and was really pleased with the results. They are much much lighter, I don't think they'll ever be "milk white" as I had originally imagined but to be honest they were quite yellow after years of black coffee/red wine/smoking abuse. A friend who was unaware that I had been lightening noticed straight away which was nice, but people don't stop me in the street to complement me on my amazing teeth wink. Try and get the peroxide strength upped and give it a couple more weeks.

purplepeony Mon 28-Sep-09 13:01:36

I have checked the syringes and see it is 22% Nitewhite. I am using it for 1hr a day almost every day for the past 5 days.
I now have some slight bleeding from my gum in one place, so will avoid that area until Isee her again.

Thanks for your advice.

When I read the blurb on the web for White Light, it says that you might need up to 12 applications to seee what you want to reckon I just have to keep at it.

fishie Mon 28-Sep-09 13:08:51

pp i have got rather yellowy teeth because they ahve a lot of calcium in them, so they are very strong.

i was told bleach wouldn't work so maybe your teeth will not go very white - what did they tell you to expect?

lilacclaire Mon 28-Sep-09 13:30:54

I really would try and get them in overnight, honestly you'll get used to it.

CNyle Mon 28-Sep-09 13:34:03

dh had it done
in the states and tbh I couldnt see a diff

Helennn Mon 28-Sep-09 13:42:19

PP - I would ring the dentist about the bleeding, 22% is very strong. I paid £149, (half price special offer), so don't worry about bothering him/her as you have paid enough.

Also, check out how much the syringes are over the internet rather from the dentist. My dentist was charging £36 for one syringe, I got 6 syringes for £35 from USA for exactly the same product!

Eyeballls Mon 28-Sep-09 14:07:17

I am wondering about getting this done. My teeth are very discoloured as I had 20 years of dental neglect before I got up the nerve to start going back to the dentist this year blush. I don't know whether it's worth trying the whitening strips or whether it is a dentist job. Ours charges £650 so you can appreciate why I'm looking at cheaper options!

Sorry for hijack. It would be the best thing in the world if I could do something about the colour of my gnashers.

lilacclaire Mon 28-Sep-09 14:56:05

Im shocked at the prices, mine cost £250 for the moulds and 10 syringes 5 years ago.

vjg13 Mon 28-Sep-09 16:18:11

My dentist is doing a special offer for £250. I was planning on saving up but have just bought the crest strips from Amazon. I'm very excited!! smile They get good reviews on there too.

Helennn Mon 28-Sep-09 16:35:55

FYI You don't have to have the teeth whitening done at your regular dentist. My dentist had a special offer on so I paid for my mum to have hers done as well even though she uses a different dentist. I wouldn't have paid full price for it and she is really pleased at the results. Worth looking/phoning around for special offers at private dentists maybe.

purplepeony Mon 28-Sep-09 17:05:54

Thanks all-
re. bleeding gum, I'll just keep the bleach off that area- it's at the back.

Re. prices- I think it depends where you live- I am SE.
I trust my dentist as she is very conservative- she referred me to another dentist re. having invisible braces as she said the guy at her practice who does it is just learning! That was going to be £4.5 K so I decided not to.

She also talked me out of invisible braces as she said they don't know the long-term effects.

I can see a difference in my teeth but not as much as I thought so far.

She took a shade match befer and will do another next week- she said it was unlikely I'd get really white teeth, which is okay as I don't think they look natural anyway.

purplepeony Mon 28-Sep-09 17:07:57

p.s. I was tempted by the Crest strips, but TBH I was worried about any side effects as there has been so much publicity about people being left with sensitive teeth etc etc after using OTC things. I also wondered how they would fit across my teeth as my teeth are slightly crooked at the front.

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