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I'm starting university as a 'mature' student and have to ride my bike there. What to wear?

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DrEvil Sun 27-Sep-09 15:03:31

My bike ride is about 25mins, all urban and a helmet must be worn so I will have shit hair for a start.

What do I wear which is not to try hard, and which is not too complicated to cycle in?

I'm terrified of looking a bit muttony (only 31 but amongst all those 18 yr olds) or alternatively looking like one of the lecturers. I thought I had it figured out but this warm weather has thrown me a bit.

Help me please. smile

tulpe Sun 27-Sep-09 15:09:24

Okay, first of all do not worry about looking muttony. IME, whilst undoubtedly many students do start uni at 18, there will usually be masses of mature students too . Also, not all students are "cool & edgy". There will be plenty of "M&S ladies" in the making......

I would wear tunics or dresses over leggings for cycling in. The warmer weather makes these perfect when worn with ballet pumps or sandals. If your dress gets whipped up by a breeze as you cycle, you won't feel as exposed as if you were wearing tights, iyswim. You can swap from pumps to boots when it gets more chilly.

Straight leg or skinny jeans would also be a good option.

tulpe Sun 27-Sep-09 15:09:52

oh and good luck & congrats on starting your course

What are you studying?

francagoestohollywood Sun 27-Sep-09 15:12:40

And jeans/cords with a nice blazer. I love blazers.

hatwoman Sun 27-Sep-09 15:20:52

jeans. I did a year at uni in my 30s and it was one thing that hadn;t changed since I did my undergrad - everyone wears jeans. the shape of said jeans has perhaps changed a bit, but they're still jeanss

DrEvil Sun 27-Sep-09 15:33:04

Although I've just submitted a phd Ihaven't actually been on campus for years, before kids at least. I am going for a completely new vocational career course of Operating Dept Practitioner (ODP) and I am so very very excited about feeling like me again and not being Mrs Bla or Bla and Bla's mummy!

Prob with leggings/tunic is that my only similar are woolly boden ones which might be a bit warm. It will probably be jeans, boots, vest top and cardi to take into account the bike journey, ferry ride and potentially overconditioned rooms.

Tie just a bit boring really. And I am over thinking it all in my excited/nervous state!

Amaris Sun 27-Sep-09 20:16:25

I can't really answer the question about appropriate student dress, but I cycle in skirts/dresses and tights (easier IMO than trousers cos they're less restricting and make cycling easier). Anything too long though can get caught in the brakes/wheels, so below knee-length not great. Leggings good. Trousers okay if you can tuck them in boots or if they're very skinny otherwise you have to faff around with cycle clips (or whatever they call the more modern elastic ones!). Skirts do ride up a bit sometimes, but I don't really care very much (in a noone's looking at me anyway way rather than a wahey it's great to show my knickers way!) HTH.

Good luck with the course.

jumpjockey Sun 27-Sep-09 20:23:10

Good luck with the course!

One thing I'd suggest is taking a little pacamac or similar in your pannier and a peaked cap, as cycling with rain blasting into your eyes is pretty gruesome, more so than rain when walking. OK, it's not especially cool, but better than being the drowned rat of the lecture hall.

I often cycle in a long skirt in the summer and hold the hem up to the handlebars with one hand - stops it flapping into the chain or showing off your knickers grin plus it looks very cool in a Sylvia Plath kind of way.

radioblabla Sun 27-Sep-09 22:08:47

It may be worth seeing if there are lockers available at Uni. I was a mature student and had a 40 min cycle ride from home, and was able to keep a standby outfit and pumps to change into if I needed something dry or just a change from standard cycling gear. Another vote for leggings/tunic but please not the fake denim leggings - have not seen a flattering pair yet.

DrEvil Tue 29-Sep-09 07:39:30

Ok, the day has dawned and the weather looks good so I've gone for indigo straight jeans with the summer Boden short sleeved ruffle top in pale grey, with of course a rain jacket in my rucksack.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I will def take up the 'cycling in skirt and I just don't care' option too!

mumzy Wed 30-Sep-09 19:06:35

I wear cityshorts which may be a bit hard to find in the shops now but what I've done is buy several pairs of fitted trousers in the summer sales, chopped off the legs up to the knee (leaving several inches to make a turn up if you want to) choose basic colours: brown, grey and black wear with fancy coloured patterned tights when its cold and any top/cardy/jacket you fancy.
I always carry my waterproof jacket and trousers (Regatta does some cheap lightweight ones) in case of a downpour.

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