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tshirt style dress

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cheesesarnie Sun 27-Sep-09 00:50:43

i saw a black tshirt dress in a magazine by american apparel.i cant find anything like it on the website but would really like a tshirt dress thingy .size 4 or6 black.and cheap

brimfull Sun 27-Sep-09 01:09:02

it's not le sac dress is it?

gigglewitch Sun 27-Sep-09 01:12:28

err, one of the debenhams designers thingys? there's a sale on there atm

gigglewitch Sun 27-Sep-09 01:18:04

have you seen the Asos one?

cheesesarnie Sun 27-Sep-09 01:20:54

nope not that ggirl.but thanks-looked at sizing btw and think will be ok.

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