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Is there a shoe shop equivalent of Rigby & Peller which also sells shoes for wide, freaky feet??

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MrsJohnDeere Sat 26-Sep-09 19:53:32

Assuming in London, if such a place exists. Herts, Beds, or Cambs would be even better.

I desperately need to find a shoe shop that measures feet properly and which sells shoes for wide and freaky feet (bunion problem). Have tried various online wide feet shoe places (Duo, Emotion) and nothing fits.

milknosugarplease Sun 27-Sep-09 01:26:58

have you tried Evans (the +size clothes shop)? They do wide fitting shoes (really wide) i have really wide feet and am a size 7. but some of their shoes seem to be so wide only a size 6 would fit.
so you could try going UP a size if to tight iygwim


hophophippidtyhop Sun 27-Sep-09 08:11:53

My mum shops here

MrsJohnDeere Sun 27-Sep-09 10:49:59

Thank you for those ideas. Any more?

Ideally I want to go to somewhere where they will measure my feet and be able to spend a bit of time with me.

Lilymaid Sun 27-Sep-09 10:56:52

There is a shoe shop just off the M11 in Barton, near Cambridge, that specialises in wide (and narrow) feet. Went there recently and was underwhelmed.
I generally buy makes like Gabor which does some shoes in a G Fitting and some in an H Fitting. Gabor shoes are sold in John Lewis, Jones the Bootmaker, Charles Clinkard etc etc. Caprice is another make, generally found in independent shops.
I've not come across anywhere that will actually voluntarily measure your feet as you'd get with children, though you can always ask.

MrsJohnDeere Sun 27-Sep-09 19:19:53

My local JL and Jones the Bootmaker didn't have anything - other than Crocs - that fitted me (but can't remember which brands I tried).

I'll make a point of looking out for the shoes you suggest though.

frogs Sun 27-Sep-09 19:26:22

Chiltern Street in London (near Baker St tube) has a selection of shops that specialise in larger shoes (Magnus and Crispins are the ones my mum goes to, but I gather there are others).

I can just get into a standard size 42, so I'm not quite up on what my teenage dd calls 'freak shops', but I understand Chiltern street is the place to go.


frogs Sun 27-Sep-09 19:27:48

Amber and JAde are nice too, but online only I think.

PortAndLemon Sun 27-Sep-09 19:29:21

Wide Fit Shoes have a shop in West (very West) London. It's a tiny shop that looks like nothing but they are very helpful and when I was looking for shoes for a wedding spent a fair bit of time with me.

As far as online goes, have you tried Cosyfeet and Hotter in their extra wide fittings?

weebleswobble Sun 27-Sep-09 19:36:28

I'd second Wide Fit Shoes, it's in Kenton, NW London - not far from Wembley if that's just like Rigby and Peller for great clodhoppers very broad and high instep feet like mine. They asked me to take my shoes off so they could see my feet and told me I actually had narrow heels to go and wouldn't be able to keep a sling-back on - very true, but I had never known why.

There's a Charles Clinkard shop in the Galleria, Hatfield - I get all my summer mules there.

weebleswobble Sun 27-Sep-09 19:37:39

I don't know where these extra words in my posts are coming from but I think wine may be the answer grin. Delete where applicable!

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