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i have gone to Boot heaven

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opinionatedmother Sat 26-Sep-09 17:47:30

here they are

indulge my fashion fantasy,

what to wear them with? and buy the black or brown (its a bit on the 'tan' side for my liking, i prefer 'chocolate' for browns...)?

i am of average height, good points: waist and cleavage bad: Hugh Jass.

i am going to be looking for these on ebay for years to come, so need to accrue the right wardroe in preparation of finding them..

bigTillyMint Sat 26-Sep-09 17:57:05

I had a black pair like that before children and they got alot of attention from the men wink

I can't remember what I wore them with!

PuppyMonkey Sat 26-Sep-09 17:59:49

Ooh, they're scrumptious and I like the tan colour. I would wear just them with everything I already own, so I'm not much help on the wardobe front... erm. Jeans? A skirt?

opinionatedmother Sat 26-Sep-09 18:00:16

looking at them long coat would probably catch on the lacings - soo 3/4 length, flouncy skirt, l/s wrap top? or shirt? or just a dress..

opinionatedmother Sat 26-Sep-09 18:01:38

would you tuck the jeans in? that'd make me look a bit carrotish surely?

mwff Sat 26-Sep-09 18:02:34

here in dark brown bit cheaper, too

i'd wear them with a short pleated wool skirt and a polo neck and probably - because i have one - an enormous fur hat

OscarByTheSea Sat 26-Sep-09 18:02:41

OOoohh. I luuurrvvee them!

opinionatedmother Sat 26-Sep-09 18:35:07

ooh that is exactly the same boot mwff

you'd look like 'from russia with love' with giant fur hat!

CNyle Sat 26-Sep-09 18:36:00

i saw them in shoon

CNyle Sat 26-Sep-09 18:36:14

ahah! cross post

chocolateshoes Sat 26-Sep-09 18:37:39

They are gorgeous & I want them!! But need them even cheaper please!!!!

mwff Sat 26-Sep-09 18:42:50

indeed, om, that would be the plan

moondog Sat 26-Sep-09 20:40:17

Some great shoes on that site (and some real mingers too-how odd to have such a mix.)

opinionatedmother Sun 27-Sep-09 19:45:43

ooh yes, they have stores too, i may go their Reading one next time i visit big sister. and drop heavy hints about Xmas.

my laptop is fritzing o much now i can hardl see the shoes for the screen static...bugger. that may have to come first..

opinionatedmother Sun 27-Sep-09 22:49:30

hows this for a coat to wear with the chocolate coloured ones from Shooon?

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