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retro beauties?

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angrypixie Fri 25-Sep-09 23:27:03

What do you think of these to go with a bright red 1950s full skirted dress?

I was hoping they would look retro ish & quirky and they are not too high to jive in!

BoysArrLikeDogs Fri 25-Sep-09 23:27:43


angrypixie Fri 25-Sep-09 23:28:33

ooh, you are my new best friend! grin

BitOfFun Fri 25-Sep-09 23:34:55

Very lovely - we will need pics on your profile of said ensemble though wink

angrypixie Sat 26-Sep-09 07:56:34

Profile pics eh? Now that would involve.....creating a profile I guess.

It's possible.

oxocube Sat 26-Sep-09 07:59:35

they are gorgeous in cream.

missmelly Sat 26-Sep-09 09:32:41

do you wanna 20% off code to buy them??

angrypixie Sat 26-Sep-09 13:31:18

Ooh yes please MissMelly
and yes, the cream ones are divine, but it's a winter party and a scarlet dress so I'm going with black this time.

missmelly Sat 26-Sep-09 13:52:06

ok, just worried if I post it here, someone might snaffle it before you do...


angrypixie Sat 26-Sep-09 15:40:01

Thank you thank you MissMelly have bought them, the code worked a dream although mysteriously a pair of killer heels fell into my basket at the same time.

A million thanks, you are officially my new best friend grin

missmelly Sat 26-Sep-09 17:05:06

no problem, glad you could make use of it

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