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Three weeks post birth and need something not hideous to wear.

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neolara Fri 25-Sep-09 20:48:52

I have nothing to wear. Almost literally. One of my two pairs of maternity trousers wore through so is now showing off my bum to the world and all my maternity tops are vests and it is about to get cold. My pre-pregnancy clothes don't work because firstly my boobs are huge and usually they aren't so my usual clothes look plain weird. And secondly they don't work because, well because I ate lots of cake and chocolate and now I'm a good stone and a half bigger than I was before getting pregnant.

I'm fed up of looking hideous but feel I have been out of "fashion" for so long, and my shape has changed so much, that I really don't know what to buy.

I don't want to spend a lot of money as hopefully I'll start to lose the weight in a few months. I'm 5' 7'' and before getting pregnant I was a size 10 / 12. Not sure what size I am now but tummy is considerably bigger. I need something that will allow me to bf. Also quite ancient so don't want to do mutton dressed as lamb.

Any ideas?

traceybath Fri 25-Sep-09 20:59:42

Well I'm 9 weeks post-birth and bf.

Still have a good 10lbs to go to get back to my normal size but am in pre-pregnancy jeans but just with a little overspill - attractive not.

So I am basically wearing jeans (definitely worth buying some that fit now - TopShop best in my experience - marthas and or baxters). I then seem to be wearing a lot of longline/boyfriend style cardigans over a couple of vest tops/t-shirts for discretion when bf.

Throw in a scarf or cool necklace and i think I look ok.

I keep looking at dresses but i just don't find them easy to feed discreetly in - much prefer the double vest and cardigan trick.

Do invest in some pretty nursing bras though - i find that helps me to feel better about myself too.

Skimummy Fri 25-Sep-09 21:42:24

I wouldn't feel bad about not fitting into your clothes three weeks after giving birth!

For about the first three months I lived in some Sweaty Betty yoga pants - black with a foldover - and H&M breastfeeding vests. These were accessorised with cardigans and scarves...I was able to fit into a pair of my old jeans after a few weeks so they got worn alot as well.

There are lots of lovely cardigans and wraps around at the moment (Zara and Gap for example) that won't break the budget.

Hope that helps...?

chattermouse Sat 26-Sep-09 09:40:08

We have all been there. The post baby extreme mum tum, sausage thights and flabby bum (or was that just me grin!).

You are defo right not to throw much money at this problem. The weight should come off very gradually sometime inside the next year.

Each time i have had a baby (3 times altogether) i have rapidly got myself to asda george (the love that dare not speak it's name!!).Just buy some cheap black trousers that fit (there is nothing more slimming than loose style black pants i think). Also get some loose a line style tops for covering tum and ease of feeding baby. Try primark for tops too.

I know very well how annoying it is not being able to fit into your clothes. But all that said, you baby is no doubt totally gorgeous and 100% worth the current fashion dilemas that you now face!

hairband Sat 26-Sep-09 10:15:27

I bought these jeans - really cheap.. and as they come up a little high, hold tummy in... and got a couple of pairs so one can be in the wash if covered in baby sick...

neolara Sat 26-Sep-09 20:57:09

Thank you all for your suggestions.

Finding a decent pair of trousers / jeans seems to be the key. As I don't see myself fitting into any pre-pregnancy ones any time soon I'm going to investigate Topshop, Zara and New Look. (Hairband - can't believe how cheap those jeans are.) Have never tried George, but will deff have a look there too. Tried to find yoga-style trousers today, but no luck so far. Tops I think will be easier.

Eaglebird Sun 27-Sep-09 18:14:29

Long-length cardis are a god-send, and you can get 100% cotton ones from Primark for a tenner.

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