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Hold in knickers

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FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 25-Sep-09 17:46:52

While tidying out my pants drawer I found a pair of size 12 hold it all in pants that I bought pre-children. If I was to buy knickers now I would get size 12 but trousers would probably be a 14. I attempted to put them on and decided having barely got them past my shin that they are too small.

My stomach is rubbish after having 3 babies in four years and along with my stomach muscles separating and no one telling me I should be doing something about it never mind what, I look pregnant.

Are hold in knickers worth the money, do they work and what can I do to fix my muscles problem?

hatcam Fri 25-Sep-09 18:10:41

It is an absolute truth that things left in the wardrobe for too long shrink all by themselves.

If you've still got muscle separation ask your GP for a referral to the local Women's Health Physio team and go from there - there are loads of exercises to help with this but there's also lots of exercises (anything rotational, crunches just for starters) that will absolutely make it worse, so you want proper advice.

I love my Spanx high waisters, they have little hooks so they attach to your bra and they are genius. Only crotchless pair of knickers I own!

tulpe Fri 25-Sep-09 18:56:53

I hate wearing "support" knickers. I find them hugely uncomfortable. I do, however, hate how lower cut knickers can induce muffin top when worn beneath jersey dresses etc. Like you, I have a rubbish stomach (looks like an unmade bed.......).

Solution I have found is to wear M&S No VPL pants. They resemble something that I am not even sure my mother would wear. Cut low on the leg and come up to your navel. However, they give me a smooth line beneath clothes without giving me stomach cramps

Google the Tupler method. The exercises work the obliques which act as a corset and give you a waist. Crunches will give you even more of a tummy if you have a separation (I speak from experience).

tulpe Fri 25-Sep-09 18:58:05

Disclaimer......I do have other more attractive lingerie to wear other than the No VPL pants........

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 25-Sep-09 19:25:04

tulpe - please tell me more about the M&S pants. I did but one pair of no vpl pants to wear under a dress but they barely come up to my tummy button so are no good to took my under dress vest into to keep it in place.

CybilLiberty Fri 25-Sep-09 19:26:26

Hold in kickers are def worth the money as long as they don;t encourage bulge somewhere elese.

I am wearing a pair of cycling short ones as we speak, takes inches off my hips and thighs

tulpe Fri 25-Sep-09 19:33:01

FBGIB: told you they were not the most attractive of knickers

However, I do think they have a kind of 50's lingerie kind of vibe when on........ <<totally delusional but desperate to not be wearing granny pants emoticon>>

They also do No VPL shorts and thongs.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 25-Sep-09 19:39:32

£12 for 5 pairs is a bargain. Will give them a go. Thanks .

BonjourIvresse Fri 25-Sep-09 20:07:36

crotchless? that's such a good idea. I wore my M& S ones to a wedding this weekend and too soooo long in the bogs getting them on and off each time.

chattermouse Sat 26-Sep-09 14:38:32

My view on support pants is this. When I was 2.5 stone over my usual weight (following dd3) they really did not help at all. I got the hardcore most expensive ones that m&s do. I was hoping for a miricle! They were tight, hurt and i spilt over the top like some muffin top crazed fiend. I measured myself both in and out of them and (surprise!) I was exactly the same width whether i wore them or not so just not worth the discomfort at all.

Now i am only 5-8lbs above my ideal weight and i bought a pair of M&S light control support pants. they do now actually do something to make me look a bit better. They flatten tum a little and muffin top effect does not happen. i wear them if going somewhere special and want to look my best.

So, I would conclude that if you are slightly overweight they do help hold loose/stretched skin in and flat with no discernible lumps, bumps or downside. If however you are a reasonable amount over ideal weight then they will not help at all and hurt like hell. Your muffin/love handles will look frigging shocking cos of the squeeze effect. Just not worth the money or the pain!

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