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Belts - do you wear them in trousers if there is a belt hook?

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DillyTantay Thu 24-Sep-09 18:38:30

i cannot NOT>
have to put a belt through

malory ( remember her?) she never did
I think i had MADE her wear one last I heard.

hullygully Thu 24-Sep-09 18:39:18

I think it's against the law to ignore them. I have heard tell of on the spot fines.

DillyTantay Thu 24-Sep-09 18:49:05


cocolepew Thu 24-Sep-09 18:50:55

No you must always wear a belt. Why else would there be belt hooks?

CybilLiberty Thu 24-Sep-09 19:43:18

To hang your big bunch of keys off

CybilLiberty Thu 24-Sep-09 19:44:27

Ahh, BUT If you are wearing a long top/dress thing over belt loop trews, do you double belt,i.e. belt trousers then accessorise outfit with another belt??

southeastastra Thu 24-Sep-09 19:45:15

i used to, but now i'm fatter i don't need to

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