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what can i do with my blardy feet?

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cheeryface Thu 24-Sep-09 16:07:43

this might have been better in health but..
after wearing flat shoes forever i have tried to smarten up and wear a bit of heel.
but each time i do i get bloody awful pain in my right toe joint. the heels are low and the toes are round.

all the women in my family have ended up with horrendous bunnions. am i doomed ? is this the start and will there never be any nice shoes for me?
help, i am getting rapidly disapointed and may have to return latest pair of gorg blowfish boots!

Heated Thu 24-Sep-09 22:42:47

Like you, I wore round toed flats nearly all summer last year and I got the start of what looked like the start of a bunion. My feet are damn ugly anyway so I felt this was adding insult to injury! Have worn shoes with more of a heel since and more sandally type shoes this summer and the bunion bit has almost disappeared. If it hadn't I would have gone to see a chiropodist & a friend has a mini cast on her big toe to keep her it in the right position.

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