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Hush puppy boot fit

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Babyramone Thu 24-Sep-09 13:04:48

Hi I have seen a couple of nice boots in the Hush puppy range but as Iam chunky of calf wondered how they fit. I tend to find with normal boots I can only get zip up half way.

Nezzi Thu 24-Sep-09 14:09:09

I ordered [ these] last week but had to send them back because the calf and ankle were way too big, they looked like wellies! I do have a slim calf though.
Hope that helps some, oh and they were a size 8 if that makes any difference?

Nezzi Thu 24-Sep-09 14:10:29

Sorry, I'll try again

Babyramone Thu 24-Sep-09 17:00:55

Thanks I'll give them a try, those clogg ones lovely.

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