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Would you laugh if I wore these?

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StrictlyBoogying Thu 24-Sep-09 10:09:29

We're off to Disneyland Paris in November. We went to the Florida park last summer and I wore Crocs and despite being on our feet all day I was really comfortable.
Thinking (hesitantly) of these for this year since it'll be cold...
Really not sure. I love converse shoes but they pich my little toe a little and I think three days of wearing them might be painful.
Any recommendations of comfortable shoes for a v.curvy gal with size 6 feet would be most welcome.

EccentricaGallumbits Thu 24-Sep-09 10:11:50

yes you would be laughed at but they are comfy.

Flamesparrow Thu 24-Sep-09 10:13:10

Yes. Yes I would.

They are a frightening croc/slipper combo.

I have nothing against slippers. I have nothing against crocs, but the bizarre love child scares me.

KingRolo Thu 24-Sep-09 10:13:30

You'd be laughed at on the street but you'd probably get away with them in Disneyland.

MamaG Thu 24-Sep-09 10:13:40

I wouldn't laugh, I'd just vomit on your feet

MamaG Thu 24-Sep-09 10:17:06

FGS get something like this, but not this colour

brimfull Thu 24-Sep-09 10:26:28

just wear really long bootleg or flares and no one will be any the wiser

who cares -wear them

MagNacarta Thu 24-Sep-09 10:28:20

Yes I would laugh, crocs should not be worn out of the house - acceptable on a campsite, but that's it.

tulpe Thu 24-Sep-09 10:30:21

vile but you need to wear whatever you are comfortable in.

BunnyLebowski Thu 24-Sep-09 10:32:18

OMG I would point, laugh, possibly vomit and then run away screaming!!!

They are MINGING!!!!

Kayzr Thu 24-Sep-09 10:37:40

I would laugh and laugh!!!

They are dreadful.

Megglevache Thu 24-Sep-09 10:41:34

I owuld find them funny if you had red ones. grin

Why don't you get some boots- clarks have some great biker style brown ones which are ankle boots.

TheBalladofGayTony Thu 24-Sep-09 10:43:12

you are going to disneyland not london fashion week so you might get away with it.

Megglevache Thu 24-Sep-09 10:44:22

I have some similar for shlepping around in and they are so comfy I wouldn't need any socks with them- a first for a pair of boots.

sim to mine

TheBalladofGayTony Thu 24-Sep-09 10:44:36

imagine the humiliation if snow white or one of her minions points and laughs at you.

HerHonesty Thu 24-Sep-09 10:52:05

yes. dont do it. just get yourself a decent pair of trainers.

DillyTantay Thu 24-Sep-09 10:56:09

well you are going to a dastardly horrible place so why not the shoes to macth?

Chandon Thu 24-Sep-09 10:58:48

I think they´re fine, who cares anyway?!

noddyholder Thu 24-Sep-09 11:00:42

gawd elp us They look like something the xmas elves would live and work in!

dexter73 Thu 24-Sep-09 11:42:28

You could get some of these to go in them!!grin

Elenio Thu 24-Sep-09 11:47:22

You could probably get away with them at Disneyland Florida....but not Disneyland Paris!!!!!

boocha Thu 24-Sep-09 14:53:20


pagwatch Thu 24-Sep-09 15:06:18

actually looking at those is the first time I have ever considered comfort to be over reated...

gingertoo Thu 24-Sep-09 15:09:52

They are very comfy....

<<ginger tucks her black mammoth crocs under the table blush >>

cookielove Thu 24-Sep-09 15:15:54

they are so so so comfy and i wear them out, lovely stuff, although would not wear them in that colour i have them in light blue, along with to many other pairs of normal crocs

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