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Is there something out there like the OCM, but specifically for eyes?

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walkthedinosaur Thu 24-Sep-09 08:39:47

I've been doing the OCM for a few months and am really pleased with the results, but recently I've been suffering from inosomnia and I'm not getting any younger and I've noticed the skin around my eyes is really starting to age (I'm 38). Dark circles, lines, creases etc.

Have looked at the Liz Earle stuff and am considering buying that, but has anyone got an amazing eye treatment that they use at home like the OCM which seems to work well that will rescue my eyes?

I do put pure vitamin E oil around my eye area before I go to bed but can't say I've noticed a dramatic improvement.

Any suggestions I'd be very grateful.

DillyTantay Thu 24-Sep-09 08:43:50

what is an OCM

you talk gibberish

walkthedinosaur Thu 24-Sep-09 09:05:07

Tis not gibberish grin, I thought everyone on Mumsnet knew what OCM stood for, it's the Oil Cleansing Method, and there's a huge thread on here about it, but I'm too daft to be able to do a link.

It's very good and seems to work, best of all it's dead cheap! That's why I was looking for a similar alternative for my eyes, too skint really to pay out for expensive eye cream, when maybe some wise mumsnetter will swear that they have no crows feet, black circles or puffiness around the eyes simply by breaking up old tea bags and mixing them with coffee grounds and applying liberally to the eye area before going to bed grin

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