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Boden coats advice re sizing and quality please

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minxofmancunia Wed 23-Sep-09 13:17:53

Have never worn Boden before as felt it was a bit one dimensional (for want of a better way of putting it blush).

However am desperate for a nice coat and jacket, am 42 weeks pg awaiting induction and won't be able to traipse round Manchester City centre/Trafford anyday soon so need to order on line.

I like the look of some of the Boden styles, question is do they come up big or small for sizing? Often have the baggy round the waist/stretched accross the boobs issue with coats/dresses.

Also what are the like re quality? Don't want to spend £100+ if the bag/bobble/go out of shape.

tulpe Thu 24-Sep-09 07:44:10

which one are you interested in? If you look at the customer reviews for the item then people usually mention sizing/fit etc. Alternatively, link on here to the ones you like and I am sure one of us on MN will own it already

IME, Boden coats come up small. I am a size 8 in everything from Boden except for coats when I usually have to size up.

I have the biker jacket in brown from this years' catalogue. It is fab - very warm and stylish. Far better looking IRL than on the weird angled photo! I sized up based on other people's reviews which means I can now fit chunkier knitwear beneath too.

tulpe Thu 24-Sep-09 07:45:26

oh and quality is very good, ime. I have a cotton mac that I bought about 7 years ago now and it is still going strong, still looks new despite being worn & dry cleaned a zillion times

fishie Thu 24-Sep-09 08:19:33

i've got the boiled wool one but haven't worn it yet. again is far nicer than the pic. i think it is called uptown.

i size up for coats and down for tops, have long arms and broad shoulders and a 40" chest - so size 16.

also have last year's biker jacket in brown (tulpe weren't they all so rude about it here last year and now they all want one!). it isn't a winter coat though, is thin.

for a coat purchase you should do a bit of digging to see what codes are current, i bought on 20% off.

purplepeony Thu 24-Sep-09 09:05:02

I'd say coats come up small- I wear a size 8 -10 normally in Boden tops/cardis and a 10 in trousers and skirts. I have got the uptown coat (boiled wool) and have a 10 - that's a good fit, but the sleeves are long- but that's just me- I have short arms.

If you are between sizes, I'd go up especially as you will be wearing a jumper etc underneath.

I got it with 20% off so it wasn't too expensive.

TBH I don't think you can get a decent coat for under £100 if it's mainly wool.

I have a crombie type coat from NEXT that is 70-80% wool and it's now in its 4th year, although don't wear it much as it's formal, and another coat from JL that is on its last legs coming up for the 4th season. The JL coat ( from the YOUNG FASHIONS) dept is not all wool, it's a tweedy mix, and it did bobble quickly.

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