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I've never seen Claudia Schiffer looking stylish

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CybilLiberty Tue 22-Sep-09 07:22:21

and this is no exception scroll down

traceybath Tue 22-Sep-09 07:25:29

I so agree.

She's always featured in those 'stylish on the school run articles' and i never get it.

TheBalladofGayTony Tue 22-Sep-09 07:30:59

victoria beckham looks like a half eaten stick of peperami.

as for claudia - she married david copperfield ffs.

esselle Tue 22-Sep-09 07:34:20

She didn't marry him - I thought she was paid to be his "girlfriend".

TheFoosa Tue 22-Sep-09 07:52:02

and she was in a westlife video

CybilLiberty Tue 22-Sep-09 07:52:27

VB could look great if she dropped the orangina tan and put on just a couple of pounds. But Claudias thick opaques just do not cut the style mustard

cocolepew Tue 22-Sep-09 08:11:30

Claudia has never changed her 'look' and she looks dated now. As for VB....... words fail me.

brimfull Tue 22-Sep-09 08:29:20

agree-but she is german though,doesn't stand a chance really grin

AnyFucker Tue 22-Sep-09 08:30:10

yes, Claudia always looks a bit dated and boring

a prime example of not moving on since younger days, and she certainly has plenty of money to allow it

SamMitchell Tue 22-Sep-09 10:15:34

Totally overrated. She always has bouffy hair and bad clothes. Give her a pair of stonewashed jeans and a bad perm and ship her back to a small town in Germany.

SamMitchell Tue 22-Sep-09 10:18:39

Victoria is grotesque. Wizened and mahogany brown. Yick.

Naomi always looks gorge, though, the crazy bint.

TheCrackFox Tue 22-Sep-09 10:29:05

Victoria's back is a site to behold, and not in a good way. She needs to stop rubbing Bisto all over her skin.

Caudia is beautiful but forgettable.

TheDuckQuacksByNight Tue 22-Sep-09 10:32:08

TOTALLY agree.

She looks like she wears whatever she is told but lacks the personality to add her own touch to an outfit.

Or something.

HeadFairy Tue 22-Sep-09 10:33:39

Naomi Campbell is just amazing... she's so beautiful (if you can ignore the mad phone throwing tantrums)

Claudia's hair is totally the wrong colour for her now, it's really ageing her. She needs to tone it down a bit.

Posh, what have you done? I thought you'd started to leave your WAG days behind, but that tan is just silly, and you're toooooo thin!!!! It makes your face look sooooo pinched! Eat something for God's sake woman!

PutDown Tue 22-Sep-09 12:26:29

Victoria Beckham is the shining example that youcan be too rich and too thin.

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