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Has the Bi annual laugh and point at most things Per Una been done yet?

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Megglevache Sun 20-Sep-09 22:14:34

Or has it been replaced by Topshopgrin?

<puts teeth in a glass>

Megglevache Sun 20-Sep-09 22:30:04

hmmm nice

DubyahDawtHoochieMomma Sun 20-Sep-09 22:30:52

Message withdrawn

Lilymaid Sun 20-Sep-09 22:31:30

I'm hoping that there are as usual plenty of lovely dresses/tops constructed from the sort of net that is generally used for pan scrubbers.

JillJ72 Sun 20-Sep-09 22:33:15

I went to have a look, whilst thinking of the critiquing that happens at Mumsnet... and well, let's just say that there is plenty of imagery worth critiquing. I seriously thought I was looking at the 'Classics' range. Wide of the mark, way off course. Disappointing.

DuelingFanjo Sun 20-Sep-09 22:33:41


Megglevache Sun 20-Sep-09 22:34:13

on a positive note lots of strangers would approach you
to tell you your pants were eating your skirt

hatesponge Sun 20-Sep-09 22:43:13

just awful.... shock

hatesponge Sun 20-Sep-09 22:44:44

who would want to buy a vest with a matching bolero and scarf...the mind boggles!

Megglevache Sun 20-Sep-09 22:51:53

have checked the reviews on the tucked-into-pants- skirt and valerie wasn't so keen but Julieta loved it grin

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sun 20-Sep-09 23:02:31

I love the description on that skirt.

'the hitch up detail gives it the Per Una touch' damm right it does!! Yuck!

LadyGlencoraPalliser Sun 20-Sep-09 23:13:01

My mum wanted to buy this outfit.
I managed to persuade her not to.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sun 20-Sep-09 23:17:17

LGP - my Mum likes Per Una, it's distressing.

MermaidSpam Mon 21-Sep-09 00:34:14

And my Mum! She's 53 - I have directed her to Monsoon rather than Bon Marche!

dexter73 Mon 21-Sep-09 07:22:06

My mum loves Per Una and it actuaaly really suits her! shock However, she is 71 and anything she buys me from there gets returned immediately!!

Lizzylou Mon 21-Sep-09 07:28:45

Oh my Lordy, my eyes!
My Mom loves Per Una too, she has a variety of their fussy, frilly, floral long skirts. She is 57 and they do actually suit her, she does wear plain tops though with them, thank goodness.
That vest/cardi and scarf has really offended me for some reason.

Megglevache Mon 21-Sep-09 10:55:53

Yes! My mother loves it and it really does suit her!

thedollshouse Mon 21-Sep-09 11:01:21

It really is fashion for the over 65's isn't it?

The thing is I'm ashamed to admit this blush but about 7 years ago I often bought the odd thing from Per Una. Looking back at old photos I don't look like lamb dressed as mutton some of the tops were quite trendy. When did it all go so wrong?

Megglevache Mon 21-Sep-09 11:02:53

Soem bits used ot be ok. Why don't they have older models?

LadyGlencoraPalliser Mon 21-Sep-09 11:08:07

My mum is 75! I've no objection to her wearing Per Una in general, but that chartreuse stuff was hideous beyond belief. It practically glows in the dark.

Jumente Mon 21-Sep-09 11:08:26

My grandmother is very passive aggressive about per una.

She buys something GODawful and KEEPS it for several years in a drawer. Then she presents it to me for Christmas.

I take it back and am told it is now down to £0.09p and without the receipt that will be all I get.

I usually walk out and ditch it in the nearest bin.

She NEVER gives me the fricking receipt. It is 'Wear what I think you should wear or be damned, NO Christmas present!!!'

Jumente Mon 21-Sep-09 11:08:51

LadyG Stop pelase I am crying now

GetOrfMoiLand Mon 21-Sep-09 11:09:34

think my old primary teacher back in the 80s had a skirt like this

Per Una is dreadful.

slug Mon 21-Sep-09 11:14:40


for those I want to channel a matador moments

LadyGlencoraPalliser Mon 21-Sep-09 11:18:41

Jesus, slug, that shrug was the most hideous object that I have ever seen. Jumente is going to get from her gran for Christmas 2011. Either that or my mum's chartreuse top.

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