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Calling all --shortarses-- petites

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LovelyTinOfSpam Sun 20-Sep-09 19:21:49

Now I have a toddler and a baby I suddenly realise the lure of online shopping. Clearly I can't go into shops to buy clothes any more hmm

I'm 5'3 and very a bit tubby round the tum, with huge BFing knockers and always wear flats these days so I need suggestions for online shops/ranges that will suit someone who basically looks round with two short legs sticking out the bottom... Am a size 14 BTW.

Guessing petite ranges - got a petite coat last year and the difference was startling ie it was actually the right proportions.

Any ideas? Will be eternally grateful smile

paddingtonbear1 Sun 20-Sep-09 19:39:47

hi, I am 5ft with stubby legs, but I don't always go for petite ranges. For jeans I prefer River Island (they do short leg in some styles), or Gap who do 'ankle' length (you can't do Gap online though). T-shirts I just buy from normal ranges, but where I do have problems is shirts and dresses as I've got a short body! I don't tend to buy many dresses as the fit is often wrong, unless they're jersey or sweater. Shirts I do often get from a petite range - normally Next or Topshop. Used to love Next petite range (it has the largest selection), but a bit bored with it now. Some of Wallis petite is OK but not really my style.
Probably not much help, sorry!

LovelyTinOfSpam Sun 20-Sep-09 20:06:25

Ooh thanks paddington. Jeans are a real problem for me - just all wrong these days. The low slung waist that is just everywhere is a disaster for an apple. Will have a look at river island although I always imagine that is a place for youngsters!

I am a fashion disaster sad but when I was a thin youth I could get away with it. Now I am stuffed.

LovelyTinOfSpam Sun 20-Sep-09 20:08:39

Actually that sounded a bit low key. I'm not really that miserable and I have wine... grin

Thanks again smile

janeite Sun 20-Sep-09 20:09:27

Deffo Gap for jeans - or Next, although I hate most of the stuff in Next.

Warehouse is okay for silk dresses, as they tend towards 'short and trendy' so are generally just above the knee on me. I think they come up a bit small though.

Principles used to be good for work trousers and skirts but is sadly no more.

M&S Limited Collection sometimes good for trousers. I don't like much in Wallis and think even the so-called Petite stuff is v big and saggy, although I do have one v nice cotton skirt from there.

LovelyTinOfSpam Sun 20-Sep-09 20:14:30

I used to love principles janeite.. DH says debenhams have bought the brand or something? He is the fashionista around here...

The last time I tried next trousers I looked like I was wearing jodphurs as they were roomy in the thigh and arse but I needed them that big to go around my tum...

Will give them another go.

What's the word on cords? I really fancy some cords.

brokenspacebar Sun 20-Sep-09 20:26:58

Monsoon, New Look, Laura Ashley, Dorothy Perkins and Topshop all do petite - I had lovely (flattering) cords from New Look a couple of years ago, keep hoping they get them back in, they were stretchy black babycord.

New Look jeans are worth a try, cheap, so you can have a few different styles.

I still shop in places like h&m, tunics are more like dresses on me, which is fine, I do find Monsoon petite quite long, so need wedges with their trousers. I am 5ft, between 10/12 depending on where I am buying from.

I like Topshop black petite trousers - flattering and comfortable, again I need my wedges with them.

Petsville Sun 20-Sep-09 20:29:17

I'm 5'2" and also really like Gap for jeans - their Curvy ones are good.

Unlike some other people, I quite like Wallis for work stuff - I've had several suits from them for years. Also their sizes are generous which is good for the morale.

Monsoon do a petite range from which I've bought some good stuff in the last couple of years, but they are a bit wedded to dry clean only stuff and this season's clothes look a bit strange.

janeite Sun 20-Sep-09 20:30:26

Link to Topshop trews please?

LovelyTinOfSpam Sun 20-Sep-09 20:41:23

grin @ good for the morale! That's the ticket...

FWIW when I was thin I was an oasis girl...

So GAP is the way forward, just searching though, do they do online? Liking the description of the jeans on the american site, higher waist etc.

SweetEm Sun 20-Sep-09 20:44:11

Try New Look for jeans - they do 28" leg as well as 30". Their jeans are always way too big on the waist for me, so may be good for a more 'apple' shaped lady. And the new bootcut style they do is quite high waisted too.

geordieminx Sun 20-Sep-09 20:47:47

new look hula jeans - 28" leg, £10, high waisted, stretchy boot cut. Job done.

LovelyTinOfSpam Sun 20-Sep-09 20:55:19

<gets a bit drunk and emotional>

There is even a new look on my high street - I'm sure that is manageable even with the double buggy - you guys are wonderful...

Right. Now. How to get sex life back on track?


geordieminx Sun 20-Sep-09 20:59:38

If you can wait a wee for a couple of weeks the code MWMGZ1 will give you 20% off at New Look online - can only be used between 3 and 4th October though.

Alternatively - The Autumn New Look Most wanted magazine has a 20% voucher inside. I got the magazine free with Look magazine but I think they have the free magazines in-store.

Can use the voucher between 18th September and 11th October in-store

ThingOne Sun 20-Sep-09 21:03:24

I've just discovered that Fat Face do petite too, although being into the slouchy look their short trousers are quite long.

janeite Sun 20-Sep-09 21:05:19

Gap not online. But look on Money saving Expert for a voucher for next weekend.

CaptainScarlet Sun 20-Sep-09 21:23:45

Gap have some gorgeous cords in atm... called Avery... they have 3 leg lengths- I am 5' and got the 30" leg, and they are just about fine.
They are quite low rise on the waist though, but colours are gorgeous.

MaggieBeauLeo Sun 20-Sep-09 21:27:45

STay away from boden at all costs.

shoes are important

even if you're only pottering about the house wear a bit of a heel. Such as above, easy to walk in.

MrsChemist Sun 20-Sep-09 21:38:57

While I'm mostly disappointed by the tiny Topshop petite selection, it's always worth looking because if you're lucky there are some really nice things.
I aquired a very nice suit from Dorothy Perkins as well.
Also Next for jeans.
Though I'm just shy of 5ft, so even these are too long sad

cheesesarnie Sun 20-Sep-09 21:50:32

im loving this a feeling shortarse petite 5"1 and its a pain!!!
lots of fab suggestions that ive never tried!

maggie-your link isnt working for me and i love shoes!

stirlingstar Sun 20-Sep-09 21:51:28

I'm 5'2" with a toddler, a baby, a tummy and BFing...

Two weeks ago I got my first day off since DS2 (he's 8 months, just dropped daytime bf hallelujah). I went to nearest bright lights big city to go clothes shopping. Spent bloody ages going round every bloody high street shop and was at point of tears - eventually resorted to M&S. Was fab shock, spent all my money, have nearly an entire new wardrobe, and have had LOTS of positive complements over last fortnight. I would never in a million years have thought it, but am currently a surprised M&S fan. I'm keeping it secret in RL though as makes me feel v middle aged.

I did also google and MN search on 'how to dress for apple shape' before I went, and decided I would actually take the advice (out of character for me). It worked.

BramblyHedge Sun 20-Sep-09 21:52:24

I am exactly your proportions - size etc and also have the just finished bf knockers. I don't actually have a problem with boden on the top but wouldn't buy trousers. I got a black tunic from them and it is actually quite flattering. I find GAP jeans ok but not long lasting when you are on the floor all day playing with 2 kids. If you don't mind doing the supermarket thing for a few basics then Sainsburys TU do a petite range. I have some jeans and some cargo pants and they both fit great and the quality is no different to Next/ other lower end high street shops. Avoid M&S - their cuts are awful and I get bad muffin tum with them.

stirlingstar Sun 20-Sep-09 21:53:10

BTW - it was an enormous M&S. We have a little one locally and it is rubbish, unless you are big in to per una.

stirlingstar Sun 20-Sep-09 21:57:05

Ha! x-post with bramblyhedge and a direct contradiction. Ah well...

I did agree before this recent shop though, and could never wear their suits & trousers etc because always got the jodpur look. But went for a few 'below the waist' fits (grey miniskirt (not too mini!), some wideleg trousers and indigo collection jeans) and they are all fine.

brokenspacebar Sun 20-Sep-09 22:07:50

Janeite - I got these for a funeral - but they really are flattering. They are in the petite range - but 30 inch leg, I have to wear my highest wedges with them. I find they are more generous on the waist than the petite range 28 or 29 inch(?), which is the same with the Topshop martha jeans, the 12 in 30 inch leg is more like a 14 imo.

I also have these which are really comfortable.

I do agree that the choice is limited in Topshop for petite, but what they do have is good.

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