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Tights, Stockings or Holdups?

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suzybsue Sun 20-Sep-09 17:49:48

I have never been a fan of any of them. But with winter on way, and my legs, not what they once were. Any recommendations as i dont want to be in trousers till spring.

DontCallMeBaby Sun 20-Sep-09 17:59:02

I would happily wear soft opaque tights the winter through, they're so no-nonsense and cosy, but sadly they're also thrushtastic (© Cod). So I vary between hold-ups (M&S ones are reliable, key is a wide silicon band, the moment a more narrow one starts to roll down, you've had it) and stockings (get sized ones, not one size, unless you're fairly small, and a proper 6+ strap suspender belt, not a mimsy little Ann Summers 'sexy' one). Personally I prefer holdups, but sadly I seem to be mildly allergic to the silicon, and can't wear them for more than one day (not the same pair, obviously) without getting terribly itchy. Clearly I should just be wearing trousers till spring!

suzybsue Sun 20-Sep-09 20:43:30

oh my D you do have trouble with them

CMOTdibbler Sun 20-Sep-09 21:02:52

Proper 6 strap suspender belts and stockings which are sized are the key to comfort with them. Stockingshq do an amazing range.

In tights, I'm loving nude micronets for work purposes, and high denier coloured opaques for casual

Kirstieallsoppsalterego Sun 20-Sep-09 21:04:25

I detest tights. I like over-the-knee socks. John Lewis do some v nice ones (own brand) that I wear to death with skirts in winter.

suzybsue Sun 20-Sep-09 21:47:37

The 6 strap suspender belt sounds very fiddly hmm

CMOTdibbler Sun 20-Sep-09 21:53:37

No, very easy and doesn't slip or twist

suzybsue Sun 20-Sep-09 22:12:30

i never had much luck with stockings, with my legs, short with largish thighs sad

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Sun 20-Sep-09 22:15:30

I prefer hold-ups as they don't sag as much as stockings imo, which are also a faff to put on, and embarrassing should they go 'ping' in a meeting or somesuch!

But, get good quality ones though, as the silicone strips can wear out easily causing sag/dropping if they are cheap ones.

Clure Sun 20-Sep-09 22:30:47

House of Frazer did some good hold ups last winter, they lasted ages. Can't remember the make of them, although they don;t stock that many opaque hold ups!

iloveshoesandbags Sun 20-Sep-09 22:55:17

I've used M & S lace top hold ups for the last couple of years and wouldn't use any other brand.

They stay up and are really comfortable all day long


RamblingRosa Mon 21-Sep-09 08:32:45

6 strap suspenders sound v fiddly indeed. I struggle with the silly 2 strap ones. How do you find the time? do you attach stocking to suspender before putting them on? And don't you find they show under clothes?

I personally wear opaque tights (go for high cotton content ones from M&S) and sometimes hold ups.

ditavonbees Mon 21-Sep-09 22:19:47

The 6 straps sound a little bit scary to me hmm

shopalot Mon 21-Sep-09 22:29:48

I was wondering if they show and also how do you go to the loo? hmm

DontCallMeBaby Tue 22-Sep-09 16:09:29

You cannot be called ditavonbees and be scared of suspenders!

They would show under a flimsy skirt or very tight-fitting skirt, but I've never worn anything with stockings and suspenders that's shown them. A-line or half-decent quality lined pencil skirt - no problem.

You get to the loo by putting the suspenders under your knickers, knickers are then free to do as they please, up and down, on, off ...

They are a bit of a faff to put on, but I think I'm probably missing a trick somewhere.

Bleh Tue 22-Sep-09 16:15:22

I'm afraid of hold-ups, mostly that they won't hold up (lots of bad experiences). I like stockings, because (in amongst other things) if you ladder one, it's easily replaced. I use two thing suspenders, and have no problems. Otherwise, "Italian Widow" black opaque tights, as annoying as they are.

browntrout Tue 22-Sep-09 16:30:06

wolford hold ups are fantastic. Never had them even slightly fall down. Not cheap tho but last ages (think you can get opaque hold ups too which are quite nice)

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