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So what's dodgy about this ebay listing then?

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LaurieFairyCake Sun 20-Sep-09 16:03:15

I've heard and seen Louboutin fakes online ( but not heard of fake manolo's.

These shoes are ones I've wanted for ages but they're proper expensive normally so why are they only hmm £99 here

what am I missing from the description?

captainmillenniumflint Sun 20-Sep-09 16:05:17

it says 1:1 copy at the bottom, i would assume that meant they were fake?

captainmillenniumflint Sun 20-Sep-09 16:06:09

also new seller - all feedback as a buyer. beware!

Eve Sun 20-Sep-09 16:06:36

£100 for fake manolos... that's a lot!

captainmillenniumflint Sun 20-Sep-09 16:08:13

well okay, 5/16 as seller but nowhere near enough to trust if listing looks iffy.

BitOfFun Sun 20-Sep-09 16:09:22

No returns hmm

captainmillenniumflint Sun 20-Sep-09 16:10:18

ebay guide

LaurieFairyCake Sun 20-Sep-09 16:22:14

I'm sure you're all right, they are fakes. I had no idea that 1:1 copy thing meant fake.

I'd best report to ebay then.

LaurieFairyCake Sun 20-Sep-09 16:22:34

your not you're

LaurieFairyCake Sun 20-Sep-09 16:23:37

nope, it is you're hmm

<hungover......staring at shoes online......craving carbs.......getting over farkin' swine flu....>

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