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What is the oldest item of clothing in your wardrobe?

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muddleduck Sun 20-Sep-09 14:47:24

just being nosy grin

I've just had a major sort out and found a dress that I still love to bits that I bought in 1996. It is debenhams own brand and only cost about £40 I think - I'm amazed how well it has lasted. I think it is the only thing left from my student days. blush

I'm wondering what sorts of things do really last a long time - we keep being told that things are "investment buys" but is it really the expensive stuff that lasts?

tassisssss Sun 20-Sep-09 14:56:27

I have my Mum's going away skirt. I think they're 37 years married this year! It's a fab tweed number that was part of a suit and I've been wearing it on and off since 1993!

I also have a long wool/cashmere coat that comes out every year and is 10 years old this year, I think I'll still be wearing it in another 10 years!

I have a summer dress that's 12 years old that I used to wear to wedidngs and now wear on the beach! I'm sure I have a few other skirts that I've had since my student days. I think skirts/dresses probably last longest in my wardrobe.

vinblanc Sun 20-Sep-09 14:57:23

I still have my hockey/lacrosse socks from school. I left in 1982.

bronzebeard Sun 20-Sep-09 14:57:50

Depends if you mean I've had longest or oldest in age. I have bits that were my grans etc for oldest. For me had longest (not including those I have a few tshirts (now fitted tops) from when I was about 7 now 28

CarGirl Sun 20-Sep-09 14:58:24

I top that was my Mum's it is 1960s gets worn regularly by me.

BonsoirAnna Sun 20-Sep-09 14:59:30

I have a couple of suits from 1998 and 1999. Prada, very expensive and still useful for solicitor and bank meetings.

AcrylicAfternoons Sun 20-Sep-09 14:59:37

I have a pair of socks I got for Christmas in 1993. They are thick chunky socks for wearing with boots. I used to wear them with my purple Dr Martens. I still wear them sometimes but mostly round the house when my feet are cold

wilbur Sun 20-Sep-09 15:02:04

Apart from a few vintage things that were my mother's and a fantastic top I was given by an old boyfriend's mother which is from the 60s, my oldest item is a t-shirt that dh gave me in 1989 when we were first going out. It's in pretty good shape, although I don't wear it really, just have it there for sentimental reasons.

serenity Sun 20-Sep-09 15:10:45

I still have my painted leather jacket that I got for my 16th birthday (although don't wear it anymore grin) So that's 22 years old. I've got a couple of chiffon shirts from when I was in my late teens too - going out tops, so don't get worn very often.

In vacuum bags under the bed, we still have all of DHs band t-shirts as they have 'meaning', so they're anything between 25 and 15 years old (actually, they do make me nostalgic when I look at them, lots of memories attached)

chachalepew Sun 20-Sep-09 15:13:51

I have some M&S blouses from about 20 years ago. They still fit me even though they are a size 10 and I now need a 14 in M&S hmm

CarGirl Sun 20-Sep-09 15:17:51

My mum's 60's top has been in my wardrobe for more than 20 years......eek!

sarah293 Sun 20-Sep-09 15:25:59

Message withdrawn

MaryAmericanSmooth Sun 20-Sep-09 15:30:04

a vintage (it was vintage when I bought it at Chelsea Antiques Market) in 1981 for my graduation private view - black wool crepe,50s cocktail dress...still fits,though slightly tight over my waist - bloody lovely frock.

AuldAlliance Sun 20-Sep-09 15:42:23

I have a jumper that my dad bought with his first ever pay packet (1959?), working in a bonded warehouse in Leith, where they kicked off the working day at 7am with a wee snifter of whisky to discourage people from nicking the stuff.

I also have a cashmere cardigan that was my granddad's, which I wore endlessly every winter when I was about 14-19. The sleeves are shredded and darned to bits at the cuffs, but I love it.

I don't really wear either of those, but do still wear a pair of paisley pyjamas I bought circa 1988. Having spent 10yrs in tropical climes, lots of stuff got stored for that time and I rediscovered it when we moved back to Europe 4 years ago.

LaurieFairyCake Sun 20-Sep-09 16:36:16

I keep buying vintage accessories from ebay - a 1940's Silver metal clutch bag - was A1 condition and still in the box when I got it.

2 silk piano shawls, one in utterly perfect condition and hand-sewn and one in over-a-chair condition

a 1930's kimono sleeved silk blouse which I wear over a silk t-shirt (everyone always ask where I got it)

a 1920's chiffon silk, ridiculously heavily beaded dress

I always regret throwing things out and stupidly about 6 years ago I threw out all of my old Doc Martin boots (5 pairs) from when I was a student in the 80's - I shouldn't have sad

bluebump Sun 20-Sep-09 16:48:29

The oldest thing I have and that I still wear is a French Connexion puffa jacket that I bought with my uni grant money 12 years ago, it was about £135 and you can detach the sleeves so it becomes a body warmer. Every year I swear I'll buy another coat and stick this in the bin then I dig this out and it's so warm I never get round to getting another grin

My nan cleared out her wardrobe when she downsized her house and had lots of old 40's and 50's dresses and she asked if we'd like any of them and my mum said no we probably wouldn't! Me and my sister pulled this face angry for a good week!!

CybilLiberty Sun 20-Sep-09 16:52:37

cocolepew that's veh telling isn't it? We have all got fatter and so have the sizes...

bodeniites Sun 20-Sep-09 16:59:44

its not a piece of clothing but i have my poor wee mums wedding ring which is about 60 odd years old

bidibidi Sun 20-Sep-09 17:57:39

A colourful sleeveless top that I bought in Guatemala in 1989. Only handy during hot spells, but I'm glad 4 it then.
Some thick wool jumpers that are ~15-20 years old. I rarely need them but boy are they handy when I do.

alypaly Sun 20-Sep-09 18:07:19

i have still got my first pink christening dress that my mum made for me 53 years ago and it is beautiful. Will keep it for

MarshaBrady Sun 20-Sep-09 18:14:49

A purple Anna Sui dress, american size 2 from when I was young fresh-faced and skinny. It is 12 years old and I can't bear to throw it out - It was the first time I spent money on stuff, plus was living in Boston at the time. First big move from home.

Ballet tutus from when I was 8, at the parents.

Both also being saved for a dd.

Monkeygirl69 Sun 20-Sep-09 18:15:22

Does a wedding dress count? Obviously don't wear it anymore but-having a baby put paid to that- it does take up a huge amount of space so wondering whether to sell it.

ahundredtimes Sun 20-Sep-09 18:20:28

I have a LBD which is 11 years old. I still wear it too.

claricebeansmum Sun 20-Sep-09 18:26:34

I have my games skirt from school.
It must be 28 years old shock.
I still occasionally wear it for tennis...hmmgrin

Takver Sun 20-Sep-09 18:50:08

Very heavy wooly jumper knitted by my Mum when when she was not long married - so going on 50 years old now - I've been wearing it in the snow since I snaffled it age about 16.
Plus a lovely 50s black lace cocktail dress donated to my Mum's am dram society when I was a teenager - too tiny for any of the strapping midlands lasses, so I got it (there are some benefits to being a short-arse)!

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