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please help - stylish, trendy and practical - how do i do it?

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bethdivine Sat 19-Sep-09 21:34:13

I go out most days with the pram for a long walk, so need decent footwear that I can walk in comfortably, whilst still feeling a bit stylish, but they need to be sturdy enough to cope with running around with a 2yo as well.

I also need any suggestions for warm tops to last the winter - again, practical, but also feminine - happy with fleece-type if anybody can suggest anything that's still stylish I'd be most grateful!
I end up feeling frumpy and not very feminine and would still like to feel fairly girly and not too mumsy, love my children as I do grin


Amandoh Sun 20-Sep-09 02:20:13

Like you I do lots of walking. I bought these boots from Clarks a few days ago and they're really comfortable. I don't know how "stylist" or "trendy" they are but they're definitely practical. Wedge heel gives a little extra height and the elastic down each side means they fit snugly with tights or worn over jeans.

Not sure that fleece tops ever look girly or feminine. If it's warmth you're after what about layering?...

Green Next top.

Next cardi and top.

Tank over shirt.

Or a cardi worn over a plain jersey top.

MrsBadger Sun 20-Sep-09 08:20:34

agree, ditch fleeces and swap for fitted jumpers (acrylic are fine, do not go mad for cahsmere).
However I would counsel ''stylish over 'trendy' every time so the things I suggest are not 'this season' type fashionable.

my staple outfit for the things you (and I) do is boots with a block heel (more like these or these than the firstlinked as I have ones with proper heels to wear with skirts)
dark jeans that fit properly - Gap Long & Lean suit me but shop around.
Layers on top half as needed for weather (shirt; fitted top & jumper; vest, shirt & jumper etc)
then (this is the vital bit)
nice coat - in the winter this is all anyone sees of you, so get something stylish. I like tailored/fitted wool coats as they are warm and practical without being shapeless - they are fine in showers and most things brush off once dry.
and nice scarf - or, better, a selection so you can ring the changes re style / colour. This is where to use all those pashminas you've bought for weddings / been given and don;t know what to do with

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