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Hair Extensions - Fill me in!

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Earlybird Sun 05-Jun-05 22:06:58

So, here's a superficial topic for Sunday night chatter! Who can tell me about hair extensions? It seems that they are becoming an increasingly common part of the beauty routine for many female celebrities. (Along with fake tan, acrylic nails, breast implants, etc.)

Is it true that it takes 5 or 6 hours to have them put in at a salon? If so, they must cost the earth! Who has any idea how much?

Anybody had them? What was your verdict?

sparklymieow Sun 05-Jun-05 22:31:04

I have hair extentions but not in the normal sense, I suffer with Trichotilomania and I had a large patch on the crown of my head, I had extentions added using a mesh to cover the patch and then they pulled the hair through the mesh on the edges and attached extentions, they then threaded false hair through the mesh and filled in the mesh. It took 9 hours!!!!!! and cost me £700, I have to go back every 6 week to have it readjusted and that cost £140. I love my hair normally, but with everything that is going on atm, It looks horrible because it needs washing. I think it was worth it, even if I will be paying it back to the bank for another year...

Earlybird Sun 05-Jun-05 22:53:47

Goodness, s.m. - That is an absolutely huge commitment in time and money. I guess I never thought about extensions for people with hair problems caused by medical issues - more that it was just for more superficial reasons. What a fantastic solution for you.

sparklymieow Sun 05-Jun-05 22:57:25

yes it is fab, I cried when I first had it done, I had hair on my crown for the first time in a long time, no wigs were needed, I can wash it blow dry it, straighten it with telfon coated straighters, tie it back, i can even go swimming

Earlybird Sun 05-Jun-05 23:09:43

Sounds as if it's really changed your life. How liberating that you were able to find a solution that makes you feel good, and let's you almost forget that there is an issue. Good for you!

bubblerock Mon 06-Jun-05 00:17:50

I had real hair extensions done 9 years ago, they cost £280 back then and took 9 hours and then another 2 the next day for a full head with 2 stylists working on me!

They were extensions by 'Racoon' and were amazing here's a link to their site where you can find your nearest salon HERE

I was lucky because they were a fairly new thing back then so I did some publicity for them (Tv & Mags) and made more money than they cost. But to be honest the amount of work that goes into the process I would say the cost is actually pretty good value!

Some BAD points

They hurt like hell at first - trying to sleep is difficult.

If your hair is thin to start (mine is really thick) then when they come out you may find your hair looks worse because of damage - it can pull your natural hair out.

It's freaky when you see yourself with them at first - especially if you go for a really long length.

It's quite hard to tie your hair back without any of the joins showing.

If you like biting your nails or picking at things, then the joins are addictive - rubbery glue just there to be picked at, I was always pulling whole strands out!!

Sorry for the long post!!! They are fun - just don't do any publicity about them otherwise your mates will take the piss forever!!!

FashionGirl123 Tue 21-Jun-11 07:55:36

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

CybilsLiberty Tue 21-Jun-11 08:18:47

Fashion Girl you have to stop advertising your site

Ishani Tue 21-Jun-11 09:59:23

They do hurt a lot, I've had my boobs done and that hurt less

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