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white jeans

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cod Sun 05-Jun-05 10:22:06

Message withdrawn

hoxtonchick Sun 05-Jun-05 10:22:42

what, you & elizabeth hurley?

hoxtonchick Sun 05-Jun-05 10:24:09

though apparently they're trendy at the moment....

MRSflamesparrow Sun 05-Jun-05 10:25:57


White jeans and toddler = bad idea!!!

cod Sun 05-Jun-05 10:27:37

Message withdrawn

hoxtonchick Sun 05-Jun-05 10:28:28

i am jealous of anyone in normal jeans....

cod Sun 05-Jun-05 10:29:07

Message withdrawn

hoxtonchick Sun 05-Jun-05 10:29:39

ooooh, i'm a ladez!

aloha Sun 05-Jun-05 11:11:23

Remember them v vividly from first time round when was considerably thinner.
White jeans only for thinnifers. Fattypuffs should stick to dark denim.
Nice though if you are skinny.

MRSflamesparrow Sun 05-Jun-05 11:14:13

I just picture leopard print heels (Kat from Eastenders like), and really high waisted white jeans on women too old to be wearing them, with their bubble tummy thing going on (which I would have atm if I wore high jeans )

cod Sun 05-Jun-05 12:53:12

Message withdrawn

Donbean Sun 05-Jun-05 13:23:35

ive got an ACE white jeans story....can i tell you, can i????????????
It will make you laugh!

Donbean Sun 05-Jun-05 13:27:49

do you, do you????

Donbean Sun 05-Jun-05 13:31:37

wanna hear it, do you do you?

Frizbe Sun 05-Jun-05 13:34:34

Christ am I trendy then? I brought some white cut off jeans recently! (a summer thing!)

Donbean Sun 05-Jun-05 13:37:05

that would be a no then!
Im presuming you have all gone off to make Sunday lunch so may want to hear it later, i shall be back......
Honestly, if you havent heard it , it will make you laugh allot!

zaphod Sun 05-Jun-05 13:38:14

It's just not fair. All these clothes from the 70s when I had teenage puppy fat are now back in fashion, when I am experiencing middle age spread.

ambrosia Sun 05-Jun-05 14:03:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Donbean Sun 05-Jun-05 14:04:08

White jeans storeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Donbean Sun 05-Jun-05 14:06:16

Arses....DS woken up, gotta go, i shall return to bore you all again later.

cod Sun 05-Jun-05 15:31:38

Message withdrawn

MRSflamesparrow Sun 05-Jun-05 17:07:18

I wanna hear the story!!!

Donbean Sun 05-Jun-05 19:26:26

Ha Ha i knew that you couldnt resist my funny story draw!
Well, back in the 80's when white jeans were very very fashionable,a friend of a friend bought some for a hot date with a lad that she had fancied for ages and ages.
Do you remember how skin tight they had to be, so much so that it was a real trauma getting the zip up.
You had to resort to things like lying on the bed, pulling your tummy in while your friend pulled up the zip OR hooking a coat hanger into the zip and pulling it up.
Eventually this friend did up her zip and struggled to her feet not daring to breath.
Admiring her pencil thin physique in the mirror, she had to breath out.
The zip burst open, with a big rip down it.
So, do you remember the old shoe lace trick?
Laced zig zag style across the zip, well this is what she did......effectively sewing herself into the jeans.
Looking gorgeous with her 80's makeup and big hair, off she went to meet her hot date at the pub.
She was having a fab time flirting and knocking back the largers.
She was really quite drunk and absolutely bursting for a wee by 10pm but knew that she would not be able to redo her jeans up in her drunken state.
Making her excuses she told the young man that she needed to go home, snogged his face off then staggered out of the pub towards home.
She didnt live far and was soon at the top of her road......unable to hold it any longer, at the top of her road she let go......a deluge of urine pouring down the legs of her posh white jeans and gushing out of her stiletto heels.
The relief was unbelievable......
Just then......a tap on her shoulder, spinning round she saw her hot date holding out her jacket, looking at her sopping wet jeans and simply said..."you forgot your coat love".

I dont think that she ever saw him again......and NO it wasnt me, it was a friend of a friend.

cod Sun 05-Jun-05 19:27:08

Message withdrawn

hercules Sun 05-Jun-05 19:28:21

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