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Anyone think they know the boden catalogue too well?

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Mimi1977 Thu 17-Sep-09 10:40:48

I think I look and have bought quite a bit from there this time and it's putting me of wearing some of the stuff. Know there are some boden haters out there but I love it as so practical and suits me so well.

Just wondered if anyone else notices other people's boden get up when out and about and if that puts them off. Guess the only people who recognise it is the people who look at the clothes.

LadyGlencoraPalliser Thu 17-Sep-09 10:47:06

One of the reasons I no longer buy much Boden is that too often people instead of saying 'I like your dress' will say 'I like your Boden dress'.
I had a green spotty skirt last summer that I got a lot of that with.

tulpe Thu 17-Sep-09 10:59:09

It only puts me off if the other person is wearing something I also own but is a total frump! There was a skirt in the summer that I thought was gorgeous. I saw a woman in the local pub with the same skirt on but worn in a totally frumpy way and it totally put me off it.

I love my Boden things but I only ever buy a few things each season and never wear a "head to toe" look (unless wearing a dress of course ).

I think you can avoid the Boden look if you mix it up with lots of accessories etc from other stores. But then I wouldn't feel massively insulted if someone thought I looked "very Boden" since I think there are much worse things to be called in life!

PutDown Thu 17-Sep-09 12:34:59

I know it intimatelygrin
I always clothes spot,and can recognise Boden instantly.
Saw Jacqui Smith in the paper in a Boden tunic during hubby porn story and qquite put me off though.
I mean...Jacqui Smith???

chattermouse Thu 17-Sep-09 13:08:29

I have bought several of the more obvious pieces this year. They were the first bits i have bought from boden though! I can honestly say that previously i would not really have recognised Boden at all so certainly would not have judged anyone for wearing it. I suspect that the only people who will recognise it are those who like it and buy it themselves. I doubt that boden haters are very familiar with the current range.

Now my dd's have lots of boden and they can regularly be seen in a an entire boden outfit. The little tops and trousers/skirts are too cute not to wear together. Is a head to toe boden look acceptable on children grin?

inkyfingers Thu 17-Sep-09 13:38:01

I think I know it pretty well, but I'm unlikely to buy their bright patterned coats etc as I think they are looking obvious. Though as tulpe says it's recognised by other bodenistas only. A really smart friend commented on a shirt I wore and said 'it's Johnnie's isn't it?' !

Mimi1977 Thu 17-Sep-09 13:44:27

Children get away with anything - even pink tutu and wellies. I love the Boden stuff for children but quite expensive so waiting till she's in the 2-3yrs as spending that much on something she can fit in for 3 months has not been wise!

tulpe Thu 17-Sep-09 13:49:23

oh yes, Chattermouse, imo Boden look from head to toe is lovely on children My DCs are usually Boden clad as its one of the few places I can find fab, colourful and long-lasting boyswear

Fimbo Thu 17-Sep-09 13:51:58

You can spot Boden clothes at 50 paces. My new next door neighbour knocked on my door last year, introduced herself, then asked if the top I was wearing was Boden as she had it in purple.

I have the Urban Mac from last year in bright red and so does another mum in my ds's class.

NoahDear Thu 17-Sep-09 14:04:52

boiys do grow out of it though
my 8 year old thinks its naff and has moved onto zara boy fgs

chattermouse Thu 17-Sep-09 14:13:13

Glad everyone agrees the kids whole body look isn't overkill!

Mimi, ikwym, DD2 just turned 2 but got her all 3yr trousers, skirts and 3-4yr tops and dresses. Should all last at least 2 years i hope and will be handed down to dd3. DD1 is 4.9 and got her 5-6 hoping it will do 1-2yrs then be handed down to dd2 then dd3. Seems reasonable value when you have 3 dds to wear it all! That's what i've convinced dp anyway.......grin I could not resist getting dd3 (6 months) a couple of tops and some trousers. Bought them all in 12-18 months though so should last a year. Sleeves and legs rolled up at mo! Will sell on ebay if in fit state to once outgrown.

Fimbo Thu 17-Sep-09 17:19:34

I must admit I had a chuckle to myself that they have a model called Julie. It doesn't quite fit with Aurelie, Thelma and Co.

Oh and Norbert. <<sniggers childishly>>

happilyeverafter Thu 17-Sep-09 22:19:34

I sniggered at Norbert too.

DD is often bodened head to toe. She sat flicking through the catalogue tonight saying "got that, that one too, got that" it was like where's wally for two year olds.

I agree it's only fellow bodenites who notice it, wouldn't bother me if people did.

chattermouse Fri 18-Sep-09 09:53:37

Catalogue flicking game popular here too. My 2 year old often says 'want to see my monkey top' and can be entertained for a good while trying to find the right page grin.

bodeniites Fri 18-Sep-09 10:58:20

i recognize other Boden wearers when im out and about but i usually admire what they are wearing as i like Boden so much they are always younger and thinner than me so they need not fear a clash of Boden coats(my ultimate favourite) etc

purplepeony Fri 18-Sep-09 11:29:45

I have a lot of Boden, but none of it is patterned- it's all plain , or denim and could be from anywhere.

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