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gorgeous new coat in Jane Norman

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PrettyFlower Wed 16-Sep-09 13:12:34

i don't normally like their stuff but this was designed by a friend of mine and i think its gorgeous! i appreciate i'm a little biased but hey, she deserves for her coat to sell well. If it does, it'll help convince them to ask her to design other things for them too
So will you have a look and let me know what you think please

ps yes, I'm a namechanger.. you need proof? i'm sitting here munching a greg's sausage roll for lunch whilst sipping a fruit shoot wink
She does have lots of friends but I'm easily identified on here if you know where to look and there's some things on MN that i just haven't wanted to share with my friends!

PrettyFlower Wed 16-Sep-09 14:55:38

does nobody like it?

pingapengin Wed 16-Sep-09 15:00:14

I think it looks lovely but there are alot of this type of coat around at the moment.

Hope it sells well!

geordieminx Wed 16-Sep-09 15:05:40

Hope it sells well but tbh its very similar to coats in dp's/new look/next/river island just now.

Plus Jane Norman sizes are crap - designed for flat-chested14 year olds

BunnyLebowski Wed 16-Sep-09 15:55:02

It's just kinda meh. Sorry.

SausageRocket Wed 16-Sep-09 15:56:34

not my bag but then I don't shop in Jane Norman either.

Well done to your mate smile

ButtercupWafflehead Wed 16-Sep-09 15:56:35

Do you have to be as thin as the mannequin to wear it? shock

I like it!

Fimbo Wed 16-Sep-09 16:01:07

My 11 year old will probably like it but then you have to be her size to fit the clothes there.

Tell you what get your friend to design a school run waterproof stylish hooded coat and she will make herself ££££££££££££££££££££.

AngryFromManchester Wed 16-Sep-09 16:02:13

so right fimbo, but then again arent we skirt twins? (or was that finbar? god I am useless)

Fimbo Wed 16-Sep-09 16:03:17

It was meeeeeee!!!! grin

dexter73 Wed 16-Sep-09 16:04:52

Well done to your friend! That is a nice coat.

AngryFromManchester Wed 16-Sep-09 16:08:55

thank goodness it was you I do know we were on a thread once where someone got me and you mixed up constantly on mumsnet. It was obviously because we wear the same clothes and our names begin with F

Fimbo Wed 16-Sep-09 16:18:05

LOL! grin.

Jumente Wed 16-Sep-09 18:38:15

Hmm is it the model or does it make you look like a slightly elongated ant? <looks sideways at screen>

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