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No 'poo method - will it work on v thick, dry, coarse non-curly hair?

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stillfrazzled Wed 16-Sep-09 12:03:29

I posted last week looking for Spanx-style shampoo to smoosh down my absurd amounts of horrid, dry thick coarse hair.

Had some good suggestions and trying a couple of testers, but wondered if no 'poo would work for me?

Anyone with similar (slight wave but not a curl) hair to me tried it? What conditioner/after-products do you use?

stillfrazzled Wed 16-Sep-09 20:39:36


mathanxiety Wed 16-Sep-09 20:49:26

If your hair has a wave and is dry, it might end up curlier than you expected it to if you tried the no poo thing. If it's dry, then just using conditioner (I used tresemme for dry or damaged hair) would help it anyhow, curly or not. The Lorraine Massey no poo book has approaches for wavy, curly and very curly hair.

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