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Stuck in a rut - no style! HELP!!

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calpopscalum Sat 04-Jun-05 13:45:40

Hi, I'ma bit of a lurker on the boards and just starting to post. I'm a SAHM and work 12 hrs a weeks where i can wear jeans etc. but my problem is that I've put on weight and am a size 14 (but wobbly with a big belly and a big bum). I just live in jeans and T shirts, don't feel confident wearing skirts although my legs are quite skinny. on a tight budget and I don't know what to buy or try! Never get to go shopping with no children so en up just buying more of the same. have tried tescos and Asda but their tops seem to be a bit short. Gotr a lovely pair of brown linen trousers but what do I wear with them??!

AArgh!!! Feeling frumpy! Any advice welcomed!

Chandra Sat 04-Jun-05 13:47:58

How tall are you (I have the trinny and susanah book here so I can pass you on their advice

Mandymoo Sat 04-Jun-05 14:53:18

Hi there

what about the long gypsy skirts that are "in" at the moment? They look really pretty with a simple tee shirt. I've seen them in some shops for as little as £8.00 but couldnt guarantee the quality!!

I wear the wide leg linen trousers quite alot as they are sooo comfy. I wear them with either tee shirts or a loose fitting boho style top (like a kaftan?) - very cheap but also very flattering

Get me I sound like a style guru - as i'm typing this i am actually wearing my "fat day" clothes and not looking good!!!

Good Luck HOney XXX

SecondhandRose Sat 04-Jun-05 14:56:37

Lots of bargains to be found in New Look (and no you are not too old. They do different trouser leg lengths too and Primark if you have one near you is the most fabulous of shops for bargain hunting and it's good quality too.

Shoes go for trainers or the Birkenstock type sandal or wedges. Tops go for one of the smock syle ones, they come down a bit lower. Denim jacket would look good too (£12 Primark).

calpopscalum Sat 04-Jun-05 15:50:55

thanks for the advice - I'm about 5'5". I like the idea of the sock or kaftan tops - should hide some of the belly!! Don't know if I could carry off the gypsy skirt look - told you, no confidence!!

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