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I need a reasonably priced lovely dress for my 25th birthday cocktail party in 3 weeks - help!

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BrightShinySun Mon 14-Sep-09 21:55:43

Ok, so I've got three weeks until my 25th birthday party. I've never had a birthday party so we're trying to make it really amazing! But...I need a dress!!

I'm about a size 12, I want something that will make everyone go WOW but don't have a lot of money....I need help!! I'm thinking websites, actual dresses that people have seen, anything really, I just need help!

Only specifications other than costs;
1.It cannot be very tight fitting; I am a bit lumpy and bumpy and would like to feel glamorous for the evening not like I'm all on show. Am quite happy to wear big hold-it-all-in pants to help with this though.
2.It cannot be dragging on the floor, the party is indoors and out and I don't really want to be dragging it through the mud. (However I don't want it to be so short it shows my bum!)

Sorry if that seems a bit much but I've tried looking about and can't find the perfect thing unless I want to spend like £300 so thought I would ask for the collective wisdom of MN!! grin

GoneCuckoo Mon 14-Sep-09 21:59:40


GoneCuckoo Mon 14-Sep-09 22:04:26

Or This?

gemmiegoatlegs Mon 14-Sep-09 22:08:04

something like this

or this

gemmiegoatlegs Mon 14-Sep-09 22:09:02

just to confirm , is that £300 budget?

MoreCrackThanHarlem Mon 14-Sep-09 22:12:55

Lots of gorgeous dresses in French Connection ATM, most are between £90 and £150 but look fab on. I am a size 12 too and I love their stuff as its structured enough to be revealing and flattering at the same time.
Plus they have a sale ATM, I bought a lovely coral dress with a large bow on one shoulder, reduced from £110 to £55. Hth.

pickyvic Mon 14-Sep-09 22:13:45

ive just clicked a link somewhere on MN to the Coast website - they have some spectacular dresses on there - and ones that look really flattering.

Ewe Mon 14-Sep-09 22:14:43

This is gorgeous for £50 and should hide any bumpy bits.

tethersend Mon 14-Sep-09 22:15:10

How about this or this?

I like the second one- clingy, yes, but the pattern would address that.

I just put it in because I want it, I really have no idea what you're after smile

If it were me, I would get onto ebay and buy a really good vintage cocktail dress; something from the 50s/60s that no-one will have; should be within a reasonable budget...

Good luck!

Bleh Mon 14-Sep-09 22:16:46

What sort of colouring do you have?

pickyvic Mon 14-Sep-09 22:17:52

look at these

gorgeous! ress

if i ever get a stone off im going to buy myself one just to stare at!

Ewe Mon 14-Sep-09 22:18:20

This is pretty but look at all the dresses, Joy is a great shop.

BrightShinySun Tue 15-Sep-09 09:11:56

Oh my gosh you lot are amazing....why am I so incapable of finding dresses like that! No gemmie my budget is definately not £300 as much as I would love it to be!!

Thank you for all your replies some lovely lovely dresses I am sure I can find the perfect one out of those....Theres so many nice ones I might have to have a couple and do a sleb style dress change mid party!! grin

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