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looking for change of image help!!!

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littlemisschatalot Mon 14-Sep-09 19:10:33

am 37, size 12 (just), usual post baby tum/saggy boobs (34e)5 ft 1 tall. usually buy boyfriend jeans from next with timberland boots/white t shirt/cardi type combo, or hooded top.
feel like i want to be a bit more trendy without looking like mutton dressed as lamb. i bought some fly mol boots in brown last winter and loved them. i cant decide if i like uggs or not, neraly bought some last yr but bottled it. would buy the grey cardi ones. are they still "cool?"
i dont have loads of spare cash, but dont like clothes to look too cheap. whats in fashion and where do i buy it? can u wear skinny jeans if you are not stick thin? help me mumsnetters x

electra Mon 14-Sep-09 19:17:16

You can definitely wear skinny jeans if you're a size 12!! In fact, they can be very flattering. I never adhere to a certain fashion but instead find a look that suits me and stick with it. I buy my clothes at Topshop, Ted Baker and sometimes Warehouse. Topshop is great for jeans in my experience. In my opinion, although they are very popular, Uggs are not the most stylish thing around. Have you looked at Dune? They sometimes have really nice boots. Also Russell & Bromley do great knee-high boots (I have them in black) - expensive but they look good...

electra Mon 14-Sep-09 19:17:57

Oh, also try ASOS - they have loads of different clothing styles available in different brands.

littlemisschatalot Tue 15-Sep-09 14:37:23


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