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how do you wear flats? i always look short and fat

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booyhoo Mon 14-Sep-09 17:03:29

im 5'3", size 10/12, slightly pear shaped, and have size 7 feet!!!

whenever i wear flat shoes,
a) the shoes are never flattering
b) the trousers always trail on the ground
c) my muffin top seems more muffin toppy
d) my thighs look even wider
e) my feet look long and clumpy

i prefer to wear heels as it seems to reduce all these problems ever so slightly, but it puts me off walking even the shortest distance because i know my feet will hurt.

i really do want to walk as much as possible and use the car only for longer journeys but i just look so ridiculous when i wear flats that its easier to wear heels and jump in the car.

what do you all wear and are you comfortable?

DLI Mon 14-Sep-09 18:55:38

i wear flats when i have trousers on, never with a skirt as it makes my legs look fat! i tend to stick to "pumps" as they fit more to your feet and dont make your feet look bigger, i tend to go for black ones or boring colours so as not to draw attention to my feet (have a thing about feet being horrible, especially toes lol). i also tend to wear wide leg trousers that nearly touch the floor so you cannot tell i am wearing flats.

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