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Stuck in a style rut. Please help me!

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5inthebed Sun 13-Sep-09 21:59:54

For the past 3ish years, all I've worn is jeans, tshirts and trainers. I dress like a bloke! And I'm sick of it. I have a DH and 3 sons, and I feel like I'm turning into a man.

I want a new wardrobe overhaul. I do try, but always seem to just stick to what I feel "safe".

I'm a size 18, slowly losing weight, sort of between an apple and pear shape, and I need to keep my blancmange stomach hidden for the sake of mankind.

Please help me!

pasturesnew Sun 13-Sep-09 22:26:55

Wrap dresses usually flattering on boobs and tummy - also easy to get dressed in the morning if only have to pull 1 thing out of the wardrobe!

fin42 Sun 13-Sep-09 23:27:21

How about something likethis or this or this would look nice with your jeans and some boots a bit like this would still feel safe but without being blokey iykwim.

ThingumyandBob Mon 14-Sep-09 15:50:05

My friend did a Debenhams personal shopper thing, it was free, she did it post babies.

She ended up trying on stuff she wouldn’t have thought of, we noticed because she was wearing some real cool stuff which, by her own admission, was a bit unusual for her.

It might be worth a go..

happilyeverafter Mon 14-Sep-09 15:57:31

depends on the type of jeans you're wearing but maybe just invest in some nice boots and new tops to go with them assuming they are nice flattering denims?

Tunic tops are nice and easy over slim fitting jeans and boots. I love cardis, have lots of longer length ones to layer over vests with jeans/boots and a nice coat.

Defo the basics would be good fitting jeans, nice boots, maybe some converse (instead of bulkier trainers) some nice, plain layering tops/vests and a few cardis (I like the bum skimming variety)

5inthebed Mon 14-Sep-09 16:04:17

The jeans I wear are bootcut jeans, so go wellwith my shape. I try wear nice-ish tops, but always seem to get it wrong.

The Debenhams shopper sounds great, there is a new one opening near me soon, so will have a run along when it does.

Matalan have some nice cardis I might invest in a few.

I used to wear lovely clothes BC, and need to get back into looking like a woman, rather than a hairy trucker called Dave.

Not very good in anything with a high heel, and don't like those boots that look like biker boots.Would like some midcalf boots. Any ideas where I can get some decent ones, not too highly priced? Can't wear Evans shoes as they are too wide.

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