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Boden Party West Sussex

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LittleMissSunshine4 Sun 13-Sep-09 10:31:31

I live in West Sussex and I have heard that someone is holiding a Boden Party on 25th September. Does anyone have any more info on it please?
Thank you! x

purplepeony Sun 13-Sep-09 10:36:25

I got an email from Boden telling me about a party in my area, giving me the host's email address- haven't followed it up- maybe you should email/call Boden?

TBH it didn't seem worth going for me- the offer was 15% off and 20% off trousers- they have recently done those deals online.

tulah Sun 13-Sep-09 10:46:23

Message withdrawn

LittleMissSunshine4 Sun 13-Sep-09 11:36:09

Thank you, does anyone know where it is? xx

NoahAmin Sun 13-Sep-09 13:02:46

do you only come on mn to opine about Boden LMS? grin

NoahAmin Sun 13-Sep-09 13:03:24

oh and welcome to mn Tulah - you know you have to pay to advertise " your friends" party dont you?

LIZS Sun 13-Sep-09 13:09:15

is this a euphemism for something else ? hmm Pampas grass and car keys ....

NoahAmin Sun 13-Sep-09 13:09:35

i think they are all teh same person

LIZS Sun 13-Sep-09 13:10:42

not much of a party then lol

LittleMissSunshine4 Tue 15-Sep-09 14:26:37

Hi everyone,
I am very confused about all this.
I was recomended Mumsnet by a friend a few months ago and up until now I thought it was fabulous, everyone was lovely and it was a great place to get info.
I have no idea who anyone else is on this post and I have done nothing wrong. All I did was ask for details of a party, and everyone has been rude and unkind.
I am so dissapointed and very upset.
It is a shame as I thought this was a lovely website, I won't be using it again after such an unfriendly welcome!

shopalot Tue 15-Sep-09 14:39:59

Hi, I live in a tiny village in west sussex and there is a boden party on 25th September in our village hall. Could this be the one. If you are local there are loads of flyers stuck on telegraph poles in said village. Might see you there!!!

NoahAmin Tue 15-Sep-09 14:46:54

well its NOT nice,
so there you are.

TheBalladofGayTony Tue 15-Sep-09 14:48:28

snort, there are some folk on her CRAZED by teh whole boden thing. i think mumsnet should offer counselling to those affected

NoahAmin Tue 15-Sep-09 14:49:20

I love gay tony

shopalot Tue 15-Sep-09 14:55:17

Have I missed something here?

KnickersandVests Tue 15-Sep-09 14:57:10

A Boden party?

Who wants to gate crash and throw Primark t-shirts at them?

TheBalladofGayTony Tue 15-Sep-09 14:58:15

yeah knickers taht would be really 'sassy'

shopalot Tue 15-Sep-09 14:58:40


shopalot Tue 15-Sep-09 15:00:12

Just as well I didn't write where it is!! grin

RealityIsNOTDetoxing Tue 15-Sep-09 15:01:35

Message withdrawn

fartmeistergeneral Tue 15-Sep-09 15:52:23

would you? could you?

chattermouse Tue 15-Sep-09 16:03:42

Yep, I've got it in the multi colourway and i look the bees knees in it if i do say so myself!

noddyholder Tue 15-Sep-09 16:06:01

Can you seriously imagine a boden party?Think about it......... NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!

QuintessentialShadows Tue 15-Sep-09 16:07:10

It is called Bodenities.

No known antibiotic can cure it.

We are all vile here.

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