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Quick query about tesco adult sizing... specifically skinny jeans

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PinkTulips Sat 12-Sep-09 12:31:02

Are their adult sizes as generous as their kids?

I'm a 10/12 depending on brand but generally buy 12 if unsure but i'm guessing skinny jeans a bit on the loose side would be fairly rank so would i be safe picking up a 10?

Heading to tescos in an hour but it's really far away so if they don't fit it'll be a week or more before i can change them.

IdrisTheDragon Sat 12-Sep-09 12:40:34

I tried some on there - am 10/12 and found 10 definitely too small and 12 too big on the waist while they were OK on the hips.

Can you try them on when you are there, or do you have children and other such things with you, which rather tend to prevent such things?

PinkTulips Sat 12-Sep-09 12:44:07

baby will be with me, but more importantly tesco doesn't have changing rooms and i'm not convinced they'd appreciate me stripping off in the aisles... certainly not after 3 kids in 4 years wink

IdrisTheDragon Sat 12-Sep-09 12:46:29

Our tesco does - but can see that no changing rooms would definitely stop me trying things on grin

hairymelons Sat 12-Sep-09 13:12:11

Can you afford to get both and return one? Or try them on in the loos and return one straightaway?

EyeballsintheSky Sat 12-Sep-09 13:20:03

If they have no facilities then they can't object when you return them, surely? If you can, get both and return the one that doesn't fit. I buy 18 jeans and am mostly a 20 if that helps but they might allow a bit extra for lardarses

PinkTulips Sat 12-Sep-09 13:32:11

I can't imagine there'd be any bother returing... but i can't get back there til next week and i have gorgeous new boots i want to wear them with now! [stomps foot in manner of a stroppy three year old]


IdrisTheDragon Sat 12-Sep-09 18:03:49

Did you get any?

PinkTulips Sat 12-Sep-09 19:51:11

picked up size 12 (after hunting the racks for so long i almost went off the idea of buying any at all!)

10 looked way too small, 12 fits, although it's not as tight as i'd like but dp claims they look nice so i'll keep them

thanks all smile

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