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Yasmin le Bon for wallis

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NoahAmin Sat 12-Sep-09 09:56:49

its rahter nice

walkthedinosaur Sat 12-Sep-09 10:00:05

I could see myself wearing that, much better than Kate Moss for Top Shop and a bonus they deliver to France.

CybilLiberty Sat 12-Sep-09 10:00:52

Hmm.. I think if you are YLB it would look good.

NoahAmin Sat 12-Sep-09 10:01:24

yes prob
for the average wallis customer...
I wentinto one of their stores recently and could SMelL the prozac

CybilLiberty Sat 12-Sep-09 10:02:14

Sometimes Wallis suprises, but everything looks so boxy in there.

ZZZenAgain Sat 12-Sep-09 10:02:36

I#d wear the first mesh knot ruby rhinestone necklace. Dunno about the others, might be a bit much for me, I'd hve to see the colour of the metal in RL

NoahAmin Sat 12-Sep-09 10:02:45

its stuckin the late 80-s decor wise
i was pelased wiht that loose dress I got there

CybilLiberty Sat 12-Sep-09 10:04:34

this is nice

Georgimama Sat 12-Sep-09 10:05:46

Nope, don't like any of that.

Wallis is really bad this season. Some of these dresses even manage to make the mannequin look fat. Quite an achievement.

NoahAmin Sat 12-Sep-09 10:06:26

htis was that summer dress in winter format

CybilLiberty Sat 12-Sep-09 10:06:59

noice and useful

wilbur Sat 12-Sep-09 10:07:05

I like the velvet jackets, but the high-neck shirts are not going to do my triple chins any favours! I am planning to go and check the stuff out though as it does look very nice.

ZZZenAgain Sat 12-Sep-09 10:08:10

that dog tooth dress (the second on top row) is all out vile, that's true. Dunno who could look great in that but it#s probably comfortable.

I find some nice things at Wallis though and I generally like shift dresses.

ZZZenAgain Sat 12-Sep-09 10:08:59

think you have to be slim for Wallis

scottishmummy Sat 12-Sep-09 10:09:34

god those dresses are old.can smell the formaldehyde.

that boxy bat wing thing is shapeless and the the others look mumsy

CybilLiberty Sat 12-Sep-09 10:09:34

I find Wallis stuff huge! And I'm a slightly porky 14 atm

NoahAmin Sat 12-Sep-09 10:09:44

i am waiting for delivery of what i think wasa misguided marks order.

CybilLiberty Sat 12-Sep-09 10:10:14

ooh do tell. I love hearing about your orders

<shopping vicariously>

ZZZenAgain Sat 12-Sep-09 10:10:19

which boxy bat wing thing now?

NoahAmin Sat 12-Sep-09 10:10:59

( do not I have a bag of other stuff ot ake back today)

there is a sweater dress with Studs on it - i knwo wtf was I htinking)

ZZZenAgain Sat 12-Sep-09 10:13:13

well they have different sizes obviously but they are not cut to hang on chubby people or big-boned people I don't think. (This suits me, I'm petite so I like trousers and arms etc that are not miles long like most of them these days, if I get anything I have to get the Wallis petite stuff)

CybilLiberty Sat 12-Sep-09 10:13:41

I tired on a studded dress in there...was it grey?quite heavy fabric?

I have just got this, which as usual looks shit online but is very nice and a twist on a boring v neck


ZZZenAgain Sat 12-Sep-09 10:13:43

sweater dress might be ok. Dunno about the studs, would have to see it

NoahAmin Sat 12-Sep-09 10:14:26

oh right.
welll wil report back -yes is balck ish

this - wince

scottishmummy Sat 12-Sep-09 10:15:18

shapeless shroud dress this is school dinner grey and like a sack

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