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So, which of you will be sporting these items of loveliness?

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tulpe Fri 11-Sep-09 21:56:41

Gorgeous leggings

and jacket to go with?

or possibly would work better with this beauty if you want to rock the '89 Inner City do "Good Life" look

Seriously......who buys this crap??

AvengingGerbil Fri 11-Sep-09 22:03:35

People under 20 who missed it first time round??

CybilLiberty Fri 11-Sep-09 22:03:51

Those prices! £85 for Jester trousers

giddykipper Fri 11-Sep-09 22:05:06

Batwing denim jacket, good lord, I had one of those when I was 12.

cherryblossoms Fri 11-Sep-09 22:14:37


I am old.

I see that fashionable youngsters are going to perform my youth as parody.

The unknowing cruelty of youth. And Topshop.

(£220 though! That's surely a lot of babysitting!)

janeite Fri 11-Sep-09 22:16:49

God - that jacket is repulsive.

TheWolf Fri 11-Sep-09 22:17:36

There must be someone sat at home somewhere rubbing their hands with glee at the idiots that hand over such large sums of money for those monstrosities...

perdu Fri 11-Sep-09 22:20:04

dd really wants some snow washed tight jeans, the ones where they are basically white with black around the seams....why?

the leggings would just be sooooo flattering

tulpe Fri 11-Sep-09 23:39:01

But even if you missed it first time around surely you can see how fugly those clothes are!

And the prices!

Like Giddykipper, I sported a similar batwing denim jacket at the age of 12 too.....along with a heavily hairsprayed scrunch-dried curly bob and twilight teaser lipstick. Pure class

moondog Fri 11-Sep-09 23:42:45

Those jackets are shockers.
B who am I to judge?
Maybe all the kids are working the drug addicted Sheffield prostitute look circa 1988 this season?

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