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Please can I have some footwear ideas ...

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Millie1 Fri 11-Sep-09 13:07:44

Am wearing Converse with jeans at the moment but they're a pita to pull on and off every time I come in especially with baby in arms. Seem to spend my day doing school runs or nipping out for other reasons. Is there anything slip-on which is fairly stylish? Soon be time for boots but again, then I'm fiddling with zips. Boring but ...

Okay, second question. Heels for longer length jeans ... boots with heel, something like one of these r/ er/

I've really skinny calves and Duo are the only boots I've found which don't look like wellies on me!!

Or ... are there shoes which would look okay? Don't want to go bare feet through winter though grin!


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