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where do you buy trousers if you're short & pear shaped????

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Sugarmagnolia Thu 10-Sep-09 19:55:05

I'm 5'0 and size 10 on a good day - although at the moment verging on a 12 which isn't helping. But even witha bit of a tum my hips are still way bigger than my waist. All I want is a pair of basic black smart trousers - petite or shorter length would be good but hey, I'm not too fussy, I can always get them shortened, right? Except I can't find a thing that fits over my hips that isn't huge around my waist. I have been to Next, i have been to Tesco, I have been to Debenhams (20% off every range - I tried John Rocha, Betty Jackson, Debenhams 'classic' range, Phase 8), Oasis, Wallis. This is seriously doing my head in - is EVERYONE in this country apple shaped except me?

Littlepurpleprincess Thu 10-Sep-09 21:13:43

Same problem! I'm a size 8, about 5"3. My waist is tiny but my thighs and bum are huge. The only trousers I am comfy in are really low slung boyfriend jeans, and a pair of super high waisted black trousers that I got from Primark last winter. They were a bit of a trend last winter (thank goodness). Clothes just aren't designed for pear shapes.

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