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Which colour to go with dress for Goodwood revival?

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TheRedSalamander Thu 10-Sep-09 11:39:06

I'm ordering this red and white spotty dress and need a little something something to go over it, so was thinking of one of the matching/contrasting boleros they also do. Not sure whether to go with the matching one or the plain red

tbh I'm not that keen on either but I need something to keep the chill off and not sure what else to do! Would prob get a brooch or something to use to keep it together in the middle, looks a bit odd open I think.

Ordered the big petticoats and a white belt too I am quite excited!

Bettymum Thu 10-Sep-09 11:47:15

Wow, what a fab dress. I want one.
Could you not just get a little white shawl or shrug/cardi and pin that with a big red or white rose? That might be fun. And have you got a hat?? A little red pillbox hat might be sweet.
I've been to the revival 3 times, once in 50's polka dots, once in a tweed suit and once in a mechanic's outfit grin. It is so much fun! Have a lovely time.

TheRedSalamander Thu 10-Sep-09 11:53:45

Thanks Betty! This is my first time so I really want to do it properly too!

I def want a teeny hat, something with a little bit of netting I think. And some ladylike wrist length gloves!

Do you think I could get away with a little shawl? Don't want to do the big old early 00's wrap. where to get one now!

geordieminx Thu 10-Sep-09 11:57:37

fake fur stole

Bettymum Thu 10-Sep-09 11:58:45

You don't live near Reading do you? There is always a pashmina cart going up and down the high street, they're not too big. Do you have any vintage/charity shops near you where you might find a little white fluffy cardi? When I did the 50's polkadots I got the most fantastic circle skirt from TK MAxx, they often have weird and wonderful things that just might do.

akhems Thu 10-Sep-09 12:01:02

oooh I've seen this dress in a shop window and gaze adoringly every time I go past.. it's £50 there btw if that's any help and it's in Kentish Town

TheRedSalamander Thu 10-Sep-09 12:08:45

I live in the depths of Herefordshire so sadly not near reading or Kentish town!

I love the fake fur wrap, that one could be a contender!

Have these shoes in red

Bettymum Thu 10-Sep-09 12:27:10

Now I want your shoes and your dress.

Housemum Thu 10-Sep-09 12:36:50

Why not a plain white round neck cardi - try M&S or Primark. I can't decide what to wear this year - I have a red/white polka dot skirt which I wear with black scoop neck t-shirt and black round neck cardi, or I have a late 40's early 50's "grown up" dusky blue dress with waisted jacket.

I haven't yet found a hat - my head doesn't suit them! Last year for a handbag with the polka dot skirt I bought a black mini vanity case from Primark which looked authentic enough. For the "smart" outfit I have a tan leather old-lady bag from a charity shop (which does fit plenty of nappies etc so is v useful!)

Must sort out what to wear this time - the DDs have Boden dresses so they are easy - pigtails, ribbons and white ankle socks with school shoes for the 6 year old. And DD3 will be in her big old Silver Cross pram (which I do use, not just for Goodwood)

Love your dress but my mum-tum won't fit it! I need a size 16-18 waist with 12-14 boobs!

Which day(s) are you going?

TheRedSalamander Fri 11-Sep-09 10:30:38

housemum I am going on saturday. Is it fab? I really hope so. don't know what dh is going in yet though.

Plain white cardi sounds good, will have to pop into town tomorrow and see if there are any about. And I am a size 40 waist shock which when I've measured it is the same as the size 18 next skirt I'm wearing - Vivien of Holloway who makes the dress don't even go up that far but if they did would consider it a size 26!!!! So silly. I have ordered the 38 because as its boned quite heavily I am hoping it won't be too tight (I am in between a 16 and 18 normally). But my bust is 44 inches which goes with the 36 waist so I've ordered that one too just in case! Aaargh I hope one fits!

Love the idea of taking silver cross pram- we have one too I could pop ds2 in if we were taking the children! Might still have to as haven't asked dmil yet to babysit...hadn't considered it might be a family affair- is it well geared up for little ones? (ds1 is 4.10 ds2 is 1.2)

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