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Bag addicts - help me find a shiny, glossy, glossy, shiny black bag!

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DottyDot Wed 09-Sep-09 18:27:56

So I have no money and am trying not to spend any of the money I haven't got this month, but am coveting a lovely shiny glossy black bag - biggish - enough to put work stuff in but not huge.

Links please to beautiful bags in case I win the lottery..! grin

CHOOGIRL Wed 09-Sep-09 18:48:08

I'm loving this one I prefer this colour to the black patent and if I didn't already have a baywater would be buying it.

DottyDot Thu 10-Sep-09 15:12:49

Aarrgghh - can't see it 'cos I don't have Flash... How much is it?

DottyDot Thu 10-Sep-09 15:19:25

oooh - is this too big for an every day type of bag?


dexter73 Thu 10-Sep-09 17:45:51

The Mulberry one is £650 so I think you would have to win the lottery, but it is gorgeous!!

Clure Thu 10-Sep-09 18:00:04


DottyDot Thu 10-Sep-09 19:28:45

Clure - the last one's my favourite - of course..! grin

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