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whats joe browns sizing like please?

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lizandlulu Wed 09-Sep-09 14:18:48

i have noever really took any notice of the make, but got a little catalogue in one of my magazines and there is some lovely stuff.

i am a large 18, (18's in most river island, dorothy perkins) but only if the clothes has abit of stretchgrin

paisleyleaf Wed 09-Sep-09 14:22:37

I've only got tops/tunic dress things from them, but I've found them generous in size.
I had a camisole that was more snug, but one top I had to send back to swap to a size down.

lizandlulu Wed 09-Sep-09 14:27:34

there is some lovely jumper dresses which should be ok. i hate buying things without trying them on though

notjustapuppymum Wed 09-Sep-09 14:48:55

I find them generous in size too and that style of clothes is generally quite roomy and forgiving so you should be ok.

lizandlulu Wed 09-Sep-09 16:27:33

i have ordered 2 jumper tunic dress type things, they look really nice, hope they are okgrin

lucykate Wed 09-Sep-09 16:41:56

only bought 2 things from them so far, jeans (they were boyfriend jeans), fitted really well, but the top i got was a bit on the tight side, particularly on the arms. i'm a 12.

charlottesmum5 Wed 09-Sep-09 17:54:47

I'm a 12/14 in Next - what size do you think I should order from Joe Browns (they have some lovely stuff in the Simply Be catalogue)

LaurieFairyCake Wed 09-Sep-09 17:58:28

lizandlulu - when you have them can you come back and tell me if they fit as I'm the same size as you and have never bought anything from them. smile

Clure Wed 09-Sep-09 21:02:08

I ordered a knitted dress last winter and it was very large!

Dumbledoresgirl Wed 09-Sep-09 21:07:55

I have only ever ordered a dress and a denim jacket from them. The jacket fit fine but the dress was too tight so had to go back. I am a 12.

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