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Which size at Top Shop online??

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rupertsabear Tue 08-Sep-09 08:11:07

I don't live in UK, but want to order from Top Shop's site. I usually wear an 8, but shop mostly in places targetted at older laydeez, and suspect I would be wise to order 10 at Topshop. Any advice?

whatevermaycome Tue 08-Sep-09 09:12:38

I am normally an 8 in the UK (shops like White stuff, monsoon, LK Bennett etc - again mostly middle aged mums shops) and am definitely a 10 in Top shop as they do come up on the smaller size.

You could always order both the 8 and 10 for your first attempt and then send one back - I seem to recall returns are quite easy.

Hope this helps.

southeastastra Tue 08-Sep-09 09:13:28

def go one size up (especially shoes!)

MrsDanversWorksForTheDM Tue 08-Sep-09 11:29:34

If you are nornally an 8 in 'older laydeez' shops (nicely phrased wink)I think you could be 10-12 in Topshop depending on your shape

I know I can be an 8 in Monsoon but more like 10-12 in TS, things that need to go round my hips often have to be 12!

rupertsabear Tue 08-Sep-09 12:23:56

Thank you, I suspected as much wink

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