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Your tips for Breastfeeding tops/nightwear/bras?

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justlookatthatbooty Mon 07-Sep-09 20:18:40

I love HotMilk and am searching for more tips for PJ's, cami's, bras/sporty stuff etc for breastfeeding as it'll be another year of it and quite frankly I'm fed up with the frump.

RinkyDinkyPinky Mon 07-Sep-09 21:15:01

fave nightwear for easy BF is mamasandpapas- nice easy crossover details, good colours and lovely material. Easy to get breast out and no fiddly clips or bits that would annoy at night. I had PJs and a nightie from there.

best bra was from bravissimo (I tried loads with 2 babies and this was defo the best and most supporting) (my boobs were huge though!) and pretty. I loved the look of Hot Milk, but I just needed the support!


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