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Can you remove facial hair painlessly?

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IrritableGrizzly Mon 07-Sep-09 15:32:09

Gah, I seem to be sprouting facial hair at an alarming rate! Luckily it's blonde so not too noticeable at a distance, but close up I'm starting to look like some sort of mustachioed Norse warrior! But my god, it hurts so much to pluck the upper lip area! What do other people do - is there a secret failsafe and painless way of removing this pesky hair?

alarkaspree Mon 07-Sep-09 15:35:37

I'm pretty sure it can't be removed painlessly, unless electrolysis is painless? I doubt it though.

But what you need to do is get the pain over with quickly, either by waxing or threading. Threading is more painful but imo you get better results because it doesn't irritate the skin so much. I always go blotchy after waxing.

Meglet Mon 07-Sep-09 15:38:47

Electrolysis is definately painful! It felt just the same as having a tattoo, ouch.

I use the Boots facial hair waxing strips. Do it on clean skin, hold the skin taught and rip it off fast. Do it in the evening so the redness calms down by the time you have to face people again. Once or twice a week should keep on top of it. I find it doesn't really hurt.

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